1 Cool Thing: Origin PC Chronos (2017)

Attractive in both design and performance, the Origin PC Chronos is a versatile gaming PC with cutting-edge components at a premium price.

Read our entire review of the Original PC Chronos (2017) right here!

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2 Comments on “1 Cool Thing: Origin PC Chronos (2017)”

  1. much as i hate to say it.. i have watched people and companies that has been around for years go out of business becuz of the internet..
    i always felt bad for those people look at what netflix did to block buster video stores look at what the book reader tablets did to all the book stores around !! kindle fire they call it. soon no more mail deliverd you can just recive it all online .
    now this, do you know what will happen to all the computer comanies like origin ati nvida dell if that cloud gaming thing
    really takes off that will put sooo many people out of work my god and think about it!! why upgrade anything when u can just logg on to cloud cuz they did the upgrade for ya. i mean sure nvida and ati and the chip companies my still survive but man what about the do it yourself computer stores best buy gone microcenter gone

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