10 Epic Video Game Cutscenes That Blew Our Minds (Batman Arkham City, GTA and More)

10 of the most memorable video game cutscenes ever
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Cutscenes have been around since the days of Ms. Pac-Man and Ninja Gaiden. A good cutscene helps tell a game’s story without detracting from the experience of playing it. Whether rendered in-game, pre-rendered in high-definition CGI, or drawn by hand, gamers of all stripes appreciate a good cutscene. This video features ten of the all-time best and most epic cutscenes ever.

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The Second Wave – Tom Clancy’s The Division,
Arthas’ Betrayal – Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne,
“I don’t know you” – GTA IV,
Mad World – Gears of War 3,
A Survivor is Born – Tomb Raider (2013),
War Never Changes – Fallout,
Reapers invade Earth – Mass Effect 3,
Welcome to Midgar – Final Fantasy 7,
Return To Sender – Halo 2,
The Killing Joke – Batman: Arkham City,
Writer: Jason P,
Editor: Steven M,
Voice: Ross D

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31 Comments on “10 Epic Video Game Cutscenes That Blew Our Minds (Batman Arkham City, GTA and More)”

  1. 4:56 Actually you're wrong on that one.
    Niko, Darko Brevic and Florian Kravic are the one who survived. Niko later on served time in jail for the Balkan war crime in 1998-2004 then later on he started to work for Ray Bulgarin as the boat driver but somewhere in Italy boat gets crushed and money & other stuffs in boat were gone leading to the Ray being pissed off for fking up the job which did lead to Niko get killed by his orders.
    Niko couldn't hide much anywhere in Balkan, got an email from cousin Roman telling him the lies that he's living in the American dream and had to move out to Liberty City.
    He didn't had the choice, but also we find out that Florian is in LC thinking that he betrayed the whole village to the enemies.

  2. when Dom finds his wife in gears of war 3 would have been a better choice than his death. never before or after has an action video game brought me so close to tears.

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