ABIT BP6 Dual Celeron 366 Full SCSI Hardware Build, Computer VLOG #37

In this video: ABIT BP6 Dual Celeron 366 Full SCSI Hardware Build, Computer VLOG #37

We gonna do a dual CPU Full SCSI workstation build! The motherboard in this video is the ABIT BP6 which is awesome! This build is a 1999 Poor man’s workstation.

Vlog #36 BP6 Motherboard overview: https://youtu.be/c1Z5LFcL-CY

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Music: Teknoaxe: Fast Car Intro, Synthetic Stratosphere – Synthwave

Intro v1.0 done by Bart Remmers

24 Comments on “ABIT BP6 Dual Celeron 366 Full SCSI Hardware Build, Computer VLOG #37”

  1. Hey, Vic, I didnt knew you had a threaded helmet? sorry I could not stop myself 🙂 ah 1080p works now, nice video Vic

  2. Where is the raid and ISA sound card come on man you have changed i dont like you anymore… I like the network card and graps but sound and storage is upset me 🙁 Still nice build.

  3. I like your videos very much, I am interested in retro PC builds and I made some videos about them too. And, my name is Victor too, what a coincidence. 😀

  4. Hi, Victor! I really like your channel and your retro builds, but why don't you set up RAID arrays in your builds? Maybe in the next video you'll install an additional hard drive(s) and swap your SCSI card with a RAID controller? It would be interesting if you'll measure a performance of RAID 0 array (or even RAID 5). Once I tried to set up RAID 5 array on SE7500CW2 motherboard with 8 IDE drives and it was very challenging and fun. So I hope to see something about RAID builds on your channel. Good luck!

  5. What do you do with all that hardware after you've built the computers in the videos? I can't see anyone using all them computers every day.

  6. The G200 is a 3D accelerator and you have to overclock the CPU, perhaps exchanging them with Celeron 300A or 333 so you can make it to 100MHz FSB.

  7. I noticed you had two pci slots free. You could add dual voodoo2 cards if you want to play games on NT4 (glide is awesome for compatibillity and NT4 only has directx 5 so not many 3d games runs without voodoo cards) then you could do some benchmarks on the dual cpu dual vooodoo system. =D

  8. Great vid! If I'm ever in Holland I'll treat you to a cup of coffee or tea! I live in Oklahoma, USA but don't ever visit here. Too much stupid!

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