Acer Nitro 50 Gaming Desktop PC Review – Under $800 N50-600-UR12

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Acer’s Nitro 50 is an entry level gaming PC with a six core i5-8400 processor and an AMD RX 580 GPU. Specs aren’t bad for the price but its lack of an SSD will be noticeable. See more gaming: and subscribe!

00:57 – Hardware Overview
01:33 – System Specs & Internals
01:42 – GPU
01:59 – RAM
03:41 – Ports
05:34 – No SSD, hard drive slowness
06:50 – Gaming: Rocket League
07:04 – Gaming: Witcher 3
07:22 – Gaming: GTA V
07:34 – Gaming: Fortnite problems
08:10 – 3dMark TimeSpy DX12 Benchmark Test
09:04 – VR Performance
10:08 – 3dMark Firestrike Stress Test
11:06 – Fan Noise
11:31 – DIY Price Comparison
13:02 – Conclusion

I’ve always liked Acer’s low cost desktops. They usually provide a nicely performing PC for a reasonable price. Can you build something similar for the same? Most likely, but you may not save all that much vs. buying a preassembled PC from them.

This PC packs in a decent AMD RX 580 GPU that performs about where the Nvidia GTX 1060 does. This means that it’s good for most AAA PC titles and is capable of driving current VR headsets. Note the VR performance is good for 1st generation headsets but will likely struggle with the newer higher res headsets coming out later this year. Stick to the Oculus Rift / Rift S or original HTC Vive.

I was pleased with the CPU performance too. The i5-8400 chip has six cores and performs at about the level of my i7 from a few year’s back. Perfectly adequate for most games and other tasks. Both the CPU and GPU are upgradeable.

Every game we tried worked fine with the exception of Fortnite. So Fortnite players may want to look elsewhere until they work out whatever software issues are plaguing it. We were getting a complete ‘white out’ on screen when booting up the game.

The only real show stopper here is the slow speed of its hard disk. The computer takes forever to boot up and load applications/games. You’ll notice this especially if you have a laptop that uses a solid state disk. It’s not difficult to swap out the slow drive for a faster SSD but it’s a shame they didn’t ship it with one.

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29 Comments on “Acer Nitro 50 Gaming Desktop PC Review – Under $800 N50-600-UR12”

  1. Lon, have you tried populating 2 ram slots with 4gb each and then try out fortnite again. I know certain games and programs leverage the dual channel setup and some even glitch out. Maybe that might be the case. Surprised that prebuilts are getting competitive.

  2. Apex legends is rising fast. I would say it will overtake fortnight in some way, though it will take some time. Also it is free, so give throw that in your list of games to try.

  3. Im using a cheap Microsoft keyboard from windows XP era usb 2.0, still works good on Windows 10, why should I spend like $200+ on a "gaming" keyboard?

  4. I kind of lost interest when I found it was booting to a HDD, no nvme or m.2 ssd…or even a slot to upgrade to one?

  5. No Linux test with this one? It would've been interesting since Acer is one of those Microsoft slave corps. They might have made a very fascist UEFI. :/

  6. Thanks for reviewing the Nitro. A couple of questions that I may have missed. Is there fans on the front, if not can you add? Is there an M.2 slot? thanks.

  7. I still don't trust buying prebuilts nowadays especially since i got used to buying my own parts and assembling on my own even tho at times its pricer. I would always want to know the parts the prebuilts use exactly which isn't always mentioned on the box/manuel such as the psu

    My build albiet not impressive (R5 2400G/PowerColor rx570/250 samsung ssd (boot drive)/ 2 x 4gb ripjaws 3200 dual channel ram with a seasonic 500w bronze supply) but its awfully quick to boot/shut down around 20 seconds i believe, no stutters for a mid range build (paid like $700-800)

  8. For the same price building your own, you could get an i5-9600K, get a motherboard that supports NVMe m.2, and an m.2 drive. The performance difference will be insanely better, and still only about $800.

    I just love these "it's about the same price as building your own" videos that just completely ignore the fact that the parts selection is stupid in terms of value.

  9. Hey Lon.Tv, I bought this built PC and I'm having problems to get the ssd inside of it due to the short data power cable that comes with it. Do you think I need an adapter for this?

  10. Was about to recommend sister buy it – glad this video opened it up. No way would I want to work on such a lame tower that is so compact. Def a good price for people who don't "fix" their own computers – but compact set-ups like this one are a nightmare. Almost intentional and make it difficult to get in there and work on system.

  11. ok im in a bit of a situation im new to the pc scene i have a ACR26D4U9S8ME-8 in my pc, im looking to add more and im looking to put an ssd in, should i add or swap an ssd for a hard drive?

  12. Yo in thinking about buying this it will be my first PC and I know like nothing at all about PC's will this run rainbow six siege?

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