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  1. no, ithe highest (for richland) is the 7750, it would bottleneck like a fucking walrus if you pair it with a 7950 even if you dont crossfire it

  2. looks like this year both heatwell and richland as well as new FX 9xxx series failed all miserbly hard vs the old trinity ivy and even piledriver did great such disapointments both intel and amd lately

  3. Big mistake whyyyyyy did i buy 5800k version i hat the money for this one and this gpu is ggod now i have to buy a expensive gpu 🙁

  4. just did it myself. The catalyst drivers instantly recognize the crossfire option for the APU/GPU, but your mobo has to be set up properly to do so and that's probably what's throwing most users. Can't say the performance increase was noticeable enough to do it, but it's an option with little downside so i did. I'm sure it'd be much better if i just buy a second 7750 and crossfire it, but i know everyone's motherboard doesn't allow that option.

  5. actualy you can crossfire it with any gpu from the 6000 or 7000 series,but the problem is that it will crash frequently,the gpus from the box are the ones that support the apu the best (less crashing)

  6. did anyone notice that the a10 was using stock cooler and all the other processors were using after market coolers

  7. First of all, the graphics performance of the A10-6800k APU flat out dominates the Intel HD Graphics 4600. There is no comparison between Intel IGPU and an APU. Obviously Intel chips beat AMD chips in terms of processing; they always have. That doesn't mean you should undersell the AMD. Intel chips are performing way better today than most people need. You make it sound like this chip isn't good enough. I'm picking one up for $145 WITH a motherboard — brand new — try that with Intel.

  8. yes but you said it would bottle neck. i was merely pointing out that it would not bottle neck. the a10 will do just fine. its a great option for some one who want good enough graphics for now with an option to pair a high end GPU later ( when they can afford it)

    im not saying the a10 is the only option but is a great option for low budget gamers who want future options.

    as i said. the A10 will not bottleneck like you said it would.

  9. this APU is little bit overpriced ,it doesnt matter what he got integrated GPU, for that money you can buy athlon II X4 760K and HD 7730 1 gb ddr5 which is better than integrated GPU in A10 6800k

  10. That and the fact that he used one of the most Intel biased benchmarks ever. Cinebench 11.5R. I guess also alot of other benchmarks are compiled using intel compiler? Atleast use non biased benchmark testing program if you will get some kind of truth.. Also why wasen't all of the cpu's included in all of the result diagrams? Something to hide? Imo Handbrake would have been a much nicer real world "Benchmark" test..
    as it is heavily threaded and not static biased benchmarks like Cinebech *bah*

  11. If anyone wishes to use these APU for good gaming quality,it is absolutely necessary to use the fastest RAM available.

  12. I have a doubt and you might be the right person to ask because I was considering the possibility of the A10 6800K bottlenecking any HD79XX and since you used a HD7970 in your test rig, tell me, does it really bottlenecks?

  13. you are right on that point, but if you are going to use anything else than the onboard graphics you wont need the a10, and its therefore better with an fx6350

  14. hey Nicolas, I just wanted to know if you have used another gpu in your benchmarks (of the games). thx for your help 🙂

  15. @Nicolas11x12TECHX hi need some advice im buying a computer i need to know which one is better
    AMD A8 6600K 3.90 GHz Quad Core
    4 GB 1333 MHz Memory
    Radeon HD 8570D Graphics
    AMD A10 5800K 3.80 GHz Quad Core
    4 GB 1333 MHz Memory
    Radeon HD 7660D Graphics

    which one would be better for performance /gaming / overall pc experience

  16. does it make a difference in fps if i use this kind of set up.
    4gb x2 1866 in dual channel(4 dimms) = 16GB total of 1866 ram
    8gb x2 1866 single channel (2 dimms) = 16 GB total of 1866 ram
    -will i gain fps if i use Dual channel (4gb x4 dimm of 1866 )or its the same fps just like a single channel(8gb x2 dimmm of 1866) ram setup

  17. I will never buy AMD again my life .. I bough A8 and it is not upto the mark of Intel .. Intel is always for smooth perfomance .. my AMD A8 is hanging a lot .. like bullshit

  18. IF YOU BUY THIS PROCESSOR GET FASTER RAMS, THAT MEANS OVERCLOCKING RAMS 2133 2400 , timing matter it must be less than 10 – IF YOU WANT GOOD RESULTS, CHECK MOTHERBOARD BOOK TO PICK RAMS BE CAREFULL WHAT MOTHERBOARD YOU BUY. I had 1600 cl11 on my a10-6800  and i had many frames on game, after i bought 2133 rams i can say it works great, i bought 6670 sh also for crossfire, it's a decent pc now i can say, i'm using 1080p

    don't forget buy DVI or HDMI cable to enjoy the quality !

  19. Bought This A10-6800k CPU. right now i am using only the onboard video and 4gb 1600 ram. would it be better for me to add more ram (8, 12, or 16 total) or to spend $200 on a video card. i had a laptop with 16gb 1333 and i notice a huge difference running only 4gb on my desktop and while in games. but i've seen videos where people us the same specs and run battlefield 4 at medium settings. yet i can barley run bf3 on low o-o

  20. With this chip and a sapphire r9 270x or r9 280/x,8gb RAM will i be able to run games like watch dogs,assasins creed gta…with medium to high settings?thanks!

  21. Was this the last FM2 APU? My mobo is only FM2 (not +), and I am thinking of upgrading from my 5800k. I know the improvement will only be marginal, but I want to get the best from my motherboard as I can (I have windows OEM, so when I do upgrade, I'll not only need to pay for the new board, but I'll also need Windows).

  22. This apu with sapphire r9 270x OC dual x edition would be a good match? can i play Bf3 or B4 ultra settings? 1080p?

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