AMD Radeon R9 270X: Benchmarks Review and Teardown


With a new era of UltraHD gaming upon us, AMD has unleashed its latest R9 and R7 series of graphics cards for those who are looking for a more immersive experience. With games and applications becoming more complex, the need for more powerful GPUs has also grown. Utilizing AMD’s Graphic Core Next (GCN) architecture and Mantle, the new R9 and R7 series should offer an amazing gaming experience.


Test Bench:
Intel 4770k
MSI Mpower MAX
Corsair GS 800 PSU
8GB Corsair Vengeance


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50 Comments on “AMD Radeon R9 270X: Benchmarks Review and Teardown”

  1. have to agree with you. ive been an nvidia guy for awhile but they might lose me to this new r9 series. sure i wont have advanced physx but hell almost the same performance as some nvidia cards for way less

  2. definitely gonna buy it,cheaper than nvidia,for now i have 550ti but i got vram problem and i think is dying,time to switch to amd on cpu and gpu

  3. So, I was planning on getting a 7870 for my new rig but since this just came out which should I got with? I think I could get thet 7870 for slightly cheaper.

  4. The r9 it has a lot of newer features but depends on what's is cheaper if both prices are the same to with the 270 x

  5. amd have come along way with there cards but NVidia in my eyes are still on top for mid level gaming I have just taken on my broths pc the only thing I am running a gtx760 he is running the new r9 280x and it wins on 3dmark on every thing but 1 thing so hat off to that monster on other side the r9270 does not cut it for me we shall see if amd can win me over in the next year as I love there cpus

  6. r9 270x will be better as it has lots of new stuff added to the card.
    my brother just got the r9 280x and I put it up agented my gtx760
    he gets about 10 fps more on me and 3dmark 3400 his score mine was 2745. so the r9 270 will get about 2600 at looking at what it has to offer

  7. r9 270 will be a lot better with the new software then the 7870. as I have just played with the r9280x and its very nice card if I had to pick a new card would be that any day. blow my gtx760 away 3400 his score mine was 2745

  8. ill say the r9 270 runs at speeds of the 7950 2gb card

    r9 280x runs at a super super over clocked 7970 but takes on the gtx770

  9. ATM i would say the 7870 because it comes with free games. Also the HD 7870 XT is only $190 right now and is a cut down 7950.

  10. I'm pretty split between this and the GTX 760 EVGA Super Clocked. I really want to use shadow play so I might just bight the performance bullet.

  11. which is better the GTX 660 or the R9 270x? I don't know which one to get because the 660 comes with AC4 and splinter cell blacklist.

  12. Just ordered this beast to replace my GTS 250 (bought the MSI version). I should expect over double, maybe even triple performance in terms of FPS. Can't wait for it to get here :). Reply to this comment in a week or so if you want to know how things turned out in terms of performance. My specs:
    Phenom II x4 955 BE (OC'ed to 3.5ghz on stock cooler)
    4GB(2×2) ddr2 800mhz ram
    ASUS M4A785-m Motherboard
    120gb Kingston hyperx SSD 
    2x500gb HHD for storage
    700w generic powersupply(retail-plus)

  13. Hey guys can you help me, I'm looking for the 270X brand he's showcasing because it looks so sexy, thanks to anyone who can help. sorry for my grammar.  

  14. (Random question) where did you get THAT GPU? When I google search it i find these random products, and honestly I want THIS one cause of its looks. I'm picky on how good it looks.

  15. This, combined with the AMD Kavari A10, make a BEAST. The Kavari has 12 total cores, with 8 gpu cores and 4 cpu cores. When you put the integrated graphics in crossfire on the Kavari with this, I got a low 41 fps, a max 72 fps on Battlefield 4 on ultra!

  16. hi im buying my first custom gaming pc and i have everything sorted i just having a little confusion with the processor and graphics card im thinking about getting intel i5 quad core 4690k (3.5ghz) 6mb cache with the  2gb amd radeon r9 270x  is that pairing correct or should i downgrade my processor and upgrade my graphics card any suggestions are welcome thanks

  17. Hey Pro's Out there I would Like a Suggestion(Quick1)
    What would be better? (Iam On a Budget)
    i5 4440 + R7 265
    i3          + R7 270x

  18. AMD R9 cards are for sub par gaming. Single player experiences will be just fine. MP reliability for games like Advanced Warfare, Battlefield4 these cards are a horrible choice for reliability and solid competitive performance. I don't even need to tell you who is reliable I think most of you know.

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