AMD Threadripper 1950X Retail Retest Review

We’ve finally got our hands on a couple of retail AMD Threadrippers, so of course we had to see how they compared to our Engineering sample.


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44 Comments on “AMD Threadripper 1950X Retail Retest Review”

  1. I need a new PC and I need to render for 3d prints and such… I also game and like to stream with some video editing, do you suggest the 16 core or 12?

  2. Would that Zenith motherboard fit into the Little Devil LD PC-V10 with Phase Change Cooling system built into the case with the motherboard prepared per the instructions that come with said PC case will power the motherboard and would only power up motherboard when the cooler head reaches minus 55 degrees below zero.

  3. Might be worth exploring a cooling setup with a larger contact plate, can't imagine a cold plate made for an 115x IHS would cut it on TR.

  4. Hey Tom, you ripping the heatsinks off that Zenith any time soon? If you do, can you add some pics to the reviews on the site? I've been trying to find pics of that naked board for quite a while now and I can't seem to find it anywhere. I'm getting one soon-ish but I'm still undecided between waiting for a monoblock or going with a CPU-only block. Love them raystorms but that heatsink fan must die so I wanted to see what was underneath that side, in particular

  5. Try to get your hands on that Enermax Threadripper AIO. I'd love to see that reviewed. Or maybe a full custom loop with a TR specific block? 😉

  6. I am 4.05 prime95 stable on Noctua Nh-U14s air at 85 deg package. Its for sure the terrible cold plates on the acetek AIO's. But AMD says don't go above 70? That's really low. I guess I'm gonna fry my chip 🙂

  7. I can hear the disappointment in your voice 🙁 I feel it too. I'm still thinking about getting one for production though. Thank you as always TTL.

  8. you cant OC? and the channel name is OC3d when clearly there are TR plates on noctua air cooled at 4ghz that has better temps than yours… how could it be that this channel is OC3d but doesnt know that knowing where and how much thermal paste can have a massive effect on temps…

  9. threadripper to me was just hype ,its no different to when AMD did the phenom x6 chipsets , very hot shit at overclocking

  10. You have a proper TR full plated block on the cpu yes ? I don't see that problem at all on the web with the proper block, no matter all the fans you put on it.

  11. Great Video Thanks.

    AMD said the rippers got the top 5% best binned Cores. I am starting to think yes that probably was true on release but not so much anymore after supplies went down with the high demand from the market. Your 2 over clocks on the retail samples kind of show that. Well unless you lost the chip lottery twice.

  12. Looks like a internal voltage regulation frequency not acting fast enough or it would need better capacitors to flatten the volt and amp shared internally.

  13. I was able to get my retail 1950x 4ghz stable using 1.36v & setting the LLC to +25% and VRM switching frequency to +75%. The actual voltage the CPU was using after LLC was 1.41 running cinebench. VRM switching is really key to smoothing out the OC when you know your spot on with voltage. If your switching is set too low you get the random stutters or random freezes when your hugging the upper end of voltage. But the temps – cinebench put me around 75c on a 360mm radiator with only a push configuration (fractal design celsius s36).

  14. Honestly, I have no clue as to what you were looking at throughout the video, but it wasnt the camera. Good information though.

  15. 1. Too much babbling, please reduce it.
    2. Do not mix up Ttcl temperatures and actual core temperatures. Threadripper CPUs do run hot, but they're way off that Ttcl reading that you're "scared of". Also, (very Important) DO apply thermal paste manually. Almost all pre-applied thermal pastes that come with AIO coolers are not enough to cover TR's huge IHS.
    3. 3.8 GHz is perfectly fine. It's the same silicone lottery after all.
    4. Deary me, that chest hair.

  16. I just don't understand how anybody can listen to this man for 13:45 seconds. He's so boring to listen to! Every single video he makes is painfully dull, and absent of fun.

  17. What? I have not seen or heard AMD saying "don't go above 70" anywhere else. Where is the source for this? That could keep me from buying a 1950x if that is actually the thermal limit.

  18. Hey TTL. I have a problem. My 1920X is working fine BUT only 4 cores are enabled. The remaining 8 cores are disabled. How do I activate all 12 cores in Ryzen Master?.

  19. with the 1900x down to $449 US on newegg and some getting overclocked up to 4.3ghz .. did you ever test to see if the 8 core Threadripper gets up to 4.3ghz,,

  20. Mate, your time management needs OVERCLOCKING too.  I've never seen or heard of anyone consistently moaning so much about your time usage.  I assume you actually make some $$ of putting up these videos.  I absolutely hate people who moan "poor me" when your making money at the end of the day.  Every video I've watched of yours is based on POOR ME and POOR ME TIME MANAGEMENT.  Yeh, the Treadripper gets hot but you more than anyone know that just by adding the Enermax Liqtech 360 TR4  will offset that way more, so its not really an issue.  When Treadripper 2 is released the smaller nano thread size  thermals should become less of an issue from a heat perspective.

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