AMD Threadripper 2 (2950X, 2990WX) Explained! – The Intel DESTROYERS?

AMD’s Threadripper 2 is finally here! Let’s take a closer look at some awesome new processors and a CPU called 2990WX that has the most threads ever offered on the desktop platform. We’ve even included some performance benchmarks….but more on that in the review. Affiliate Links for Team Group Memory (Sponsor):

Xcalibur 3600MHz:
Xcalibur 4000MHz:

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Review unit provided free of charge by AMD. This video is sponsored by Team Group. As per HWC guidelines, no review direction was received from manufacturer. All purchase links listed in the description have Hardware Canucks AMAZON monetary affiliation.

Gear list:
Panasonic GH5 –
Panasonic GH4 –
Panasonic G7 –
Canon C100 –
Sony RX100m3 –
Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 –
Cinevate DUZI Slider –
AKG C314 –
AKG C 568 B –
Zoom H5 –
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21 Comments on “AMD Threadripper 2 (2950X, 2990WX) Explained! – The Intel DESTROYERS?”

  1. So does this mean you guys – specifically Dimitri are going back from intel to AMD? I recall a while back he went from AMD to Intel based on software optimization. Thanks for the content and also tell us what you are doing on the health side. You are looking slim good for you

  2. I'll be upgrading my 1900X to a 2950X when there's a large price drop. No rush for me, as I have a dedicated dual Xeon server for my dev work. It would be nice to get rid of the server and just run some SAS RAID from my workstation with the 2950X, though.

  3. I do plan to buy it, but in like 2023, when it's still hell lot faster than what I have now, yet still cheap enough for it to make sense for me. Or some Epyc system, whichever is cheaper by then.

  4. Threadripper 2 its not , its Second GenerationThreadripper
    The Real ThreadRipper 2 …well i will let you imagine that

  5. So I have a question you could answer… I know you can use a Threadripper 2 on Threadripper 1 motherboard… But what about can using a Threadripper 1 on Threadripper 2 motherboard?

  6. So ….. I've been here a couple times to sort out what kind of chair I want …. and I could help but notice your STILL in the chair you CLAIMED to be getting rid of in the title of your last "chair" episode from a month ago ??

  7. I've been using Intel for 15 years, now I'm interested in the 2950X for my next build! Plus a couple of Geforce RTX 2080Ti.

  8. Being a FCPX user and Apple fanboy for years, I just did something out of sheer impulsiveness………sold off my 2017 (basic) MacBook Pro w/o Touch Bar 13". Then, ordered a Ryzen 2700X, Asus STRIX X470-F Mobo, GSkill TridentZ 3200MHz (2x8GB= 16GB), NXZT Noctis 450 ROG Case, 500GB SSD, EVGA SuperNova P2 750W and AMD Radeon Vega 56……… Tell me I just didn't efff up

  9. One thing you simply can't deny, the production value in HardwareCanucks videos. Outstanding job! Another terrific review as well, guys! If only AMD motherboards offered support for Thunderbolt 3…

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