ASRock AMD X570 Taichi Motherboard Unboxing Pr0n

ASRock AMD X570 Taichi Motherboard Unboxing Pr0n: Check out the brand new ASRock X570 TAIChi Motherboard, it looks great and full review coming soon.


ASRock X570 Taichi

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24 Comments on “ASRock AMD X570 Taichi Motherboard Unboxing Pr0n”

  1. I am waiting for my CPUs and them we will do the full reviews, but so far the boards seems really nice and this one is s a serious contender for your money.

  2. Can you test the thunderbolt on this motherboard with any thunderbolt audio interface like the Apollo's?

  3. If you can, put the rgb software through multiple tests. My x470 Taichi is good but the RGB software hardlocks requiring a memory flush to be able to change it each time.

  4. Looks the same as the x470 taichi ultimate. I have the x470 but ive been having network issues so i may have to warranty it 🙁

  5. Ryzen 9 4000 just announced 15 minutes ago for these Holidays 2019 $1249.99 (128 core 4.1Ghz <–Boost –>5.3Ghz / 256 Threads) with 1GB of Game Cache, lol OK just clean yourselves off just Fucking With You all, But Man the 3900x is a beautiful thing, upgraded from the 2700x and it's night and day, Haven't seen any of those random slowdowns for no reason what so ever, used to happened with my 7700k all the time as well has nothing to do with clock speed or amount of ram, with the 3900x it's consistent high performance every time, and I didn't even bother to OC, I game with a 165Hz 1440p 27 inch ASUS Swift, The Performance increase over the 2700x is huge, might not be exactly 9900k performance but at 1440p and 4k it's pretty darn close enough, didn't even get the best board I could for it, Got the ROG ASUS Strix Gaming-E x570 for $329.00 and it's damn good, Wifi and All 1xGigabit Lan Port and a 2.5Gigabit Port, the differences between this board and say a $600 x570 board are so minimal it's not worth it at all even if you have the money, if money is no obstacle then they have these special edition boards that are over $1200.00 that have extra safety features and slight more headroom for OC but with Ryzen we're talking 100Hz-200Hz more for all that money, Can Anyone tell me if they think the 3950x will be a better Gaming CPU than the 3900x, specs are a little weird here because the 3900x is 3.8GHz <–Boost–>4.6GHz and the 3950x is just 3.5GHz<–Boost–>4.7GHz, so the base is higher for the 3900x by 300Hz yet The Boost on the 3950x is 100Hz higher than the 3900x,????, this is where it becomes a little confusing for me, I'm building a second High End Ryzen computer and wanted to wait till September and Make it a 3950X Build, as is I'm not utilizing the full Multitask Abilities of my 3900x so it all boils down to whether the 3950x will be a better gaming CPU out of the box because like this one, I have no intentions of Overclocking them at all

  6. Finally you're reviewing motherboards again. Next you've got to review the MSI Prestige X570, all those USB ports got me curious and you're the perfect guy to review it. How you read this Elric. Peace!

  7. Man thanks for the unboxing, I opened mine up and freaked a little bit not seeing either a static bag or plastic cover on the inside. It was a big WTF moment-lol. (Exhales-whooa!)

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