BATMAN – 80 Years of the Dark Knight (A DCAU Tribute)


Welcome to the year 2019: 80 years of Batman. But this year has an even bigger significance for the DC Animated Universe. This year marks, on the DCAU timeline, when Bruce Wayne removes his cowl for the last time and proclaims “Never again.” In the debut episode of “Batman Beyond,” “Rebirth,” Batman retires, 20 years before 2039. Take a journey with us as we explore the many ups and downs of Bruce Wayne’s career as the Dark Knight in Bruce Timm and Paul Dini’s masterpiece “Batman: the Animated Series” and its shared world.

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33 Comments on “BATMAN – 80 Years of the Dark Knight (A DCAU Tribute)”

  1. If i ever own WB
    Hack Znider:I am gonna make a new batman movie in which he bombs Arkham Asylum
    Me:You are fired!(Benson voice)
    Exec:Who is gonna direct the new movie?
    Me:I have an ideea
    Exec:You sure?
    Me:Light it up
    *starts a signal with the Watchtower Database logo

  2. I have been a batman fan since i was 3
    I my first movie was Batman '89
    My first TV show was BTAS
    My first videogame was Batman Arkham Asylum
    My room is full with batman posters,comics and legos.
    My life was,is,and will be about Batman.I don t care what anyone says.
    When I found your channel i was so happy that someone watched BTAS like me when i was a kid and honestly i still watch it from time to time.
    I know i wrote a goddamn novel here but thank you Matty,James and all of Watchtower Database.
    You actually made me cry of joy.
    You re subscriber Andrei from Timisoara Romania!

  3. All due respect to Superman but Batman for me will go down in comic book history as the most famous and greatest superhero of all time. No character has had more success or made a huge impact in games, movies, comic books, TV shows and animation like he has and whenever a conversation about costumed heroes is brought up, Batman is usually one the first name that will always come up. Long live the dark knight!!!

  4. Love this ! Best version of the dark knight. If the studio people saw this you'd think they could make a good movie from it lol.

  5. This was moving and powerful I haven't seen Batman the animated series since the late 90s and I haven't seen Batman beyond since 2004. This was simply put…awesome

  6. This was a really good edit Watchtower. It definitely put me in the feels for Batman, it’s just so empowering. Keep up the awesome job!

  7. I Love Batman The Animated Series Since I Was Kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus I Own The Blu-ray Set Of Batman The Animated Series:)

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