BEST Game Controller for PC Gaming? (2017)

What is the best Gaming Controller for PC Gaming? Which is the best PC Controller? Find out in this exciting review video!
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Steam Controller:
(wireless dongle):

EasySMX Xbox 360 Controller:

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Xbox One Controller:
(w/ dongle)

PS4 Controller:
(bluetooth adapter):

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43 Comments on “BEST Game Controller for PC Gaming? (2017)”

  1. I'm gonna see if I can upload more often, so stay peeled for more future videos coming out on the weekdays O.O

  2. steam controller so underrated… also the dongle does NOT cost an extra $10. it comes with the controller and the controller is OFTEN on sale for $34

  3. How about a xbox one S that I am using that can be use through micro usb OR any bluetooth receiver?
    Seems like I am living in 2017 when this guy is still in 2015.

  4. wait he said the dualshock dont work connested right ? ……well how come mines does ? is my pc gliched or hacked ? :-/

  5. Hey dude IDK what you alking about the xbox one s controller you have just use bluetooth for wireless no dongle needed

  6. The Xbox One elite controller is the best controller I've ever used. I play FAR better than I used to play on a regular Xbox One controller.

  7. Xbox one controller can connect via bluetooth depending on the model. The white on you have, can do that. Older black ones can not, a little confusing but they added the feature in around the time gears of war 4 came out.

  8. You did not do your homework well….

    1- Xbox One S Controller have now Bluetooth…!
    you can connect to the PC directly without Adapter´s.

  9. Anyone have any advice hooking up a ps4 or something else without steam? I would like to play bc2 like on ps3 again but on origin. Thanks.

  10. I want to add to the Xbox one controller. If you get the new Xbox one controllers that came out with the Xbox one S it also works over Bluetooth you do not need the wireless dongle that Microsoft sells.

  11. Shows footage of cs "Then get a steam controller!" Pls god no. Pls use mouse and keyboard for cs <3 Thats all. Have a wonderful day.

  12. if you already have a bluetooth dongle, can you just connect the easy smx 360 controller to that or do you have to use the one they send with it?

  13. Interesting video, I would like to see them compared to the WiiU pro controller since it's one of the best console controller to date.

  14. Does ps4 controller supports for alienware 15R3. And the game which i played was GTA V. Does it supports r not brother.

  15. Well i don,t care about the controller quality , i just care about the controller that can with all game cause some game didn,t work with my controller

  16. i wood like a mouse and key bord but im not from this channel i just whant to know what controller i can use and feels the best and not so much money i have to spend 😀

  17. i have the speedlink controller but i cant connecte on uero truck sim and legoworlds and other i do not get it it just does not work like i can move the mouse on uero truck but i cant drive

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