Bitwit or Nitwit – Episode 1

Customize your next gaming rig and have it sent to your doorstep:

Philip thinks he’s meeting someone on Craiglist to buy a computer case. Little does he know he’s about to be on a new PC trivia game show with a chance to win a new gaming rig! Does Philip have enough tech knowledge to take home the prize, or will he leave empty handed?

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19 Comments on “Bitwit or Nitwit – Episode 1”

  1. Awesome video… Does any company allow me to select components and put it together for me and ship it to me. Like whatever I want. I checked the link for this video but I'm not looking for a gaming system. Just a regular home use / work reports system that I can watch YouTube videos on. Any suggestions?

  2. I’ll let you break my left arm for a pc with
    An i7-7700k
    32gb of ddr4
    1tb ssd
    A good mother board idc
    A good psu idc
    A custom hardline water cooler
    And 2 gtx 1080tis in sli
    In a cool case idc
    And Windows 10 pro

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