Build Your Own PC Tutorial + Bonus Review of Cooler Master HAF 922 Case_PART II

PART II: Take a tour of the Cooler Master HAF 922 computer case with Newegg. We will be using this case to house our new video editing workstation so Paul went the whole nine yards and included a step-by-step walkthrough of the building process! Learn the basic steps of building a computer, then head over to EggXpert to see Paul’s notes and a list of parts.

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  1. PLEASE HELP! I have been working on my own computer and i have all the parts hooked up except it will not show anything on my moniter i do now have windows on it yet and i dont know what is worng with it please message me back if you can help if you need more info just ask me

  2. I am not a desktop builder but, first impressions, putting the hardware together is easy, anything that has to do with wires is just annoying xD

    The case thought does half the work for you with its removable trays and lock mechanisms with the hard drive CD drive and so on and so forth.

    I like this tutorial very much but sometimes there are some cables you connected without commentary which got me a little confused.

    Thank you.

  3. For going on three years since this video was uploaded, the videos you make now have come such a long way! The quality of the actual filming of the videos I think has come the furthest. The attention to details and tips for the viewers, (and forgetting to power on the PSU b4 you power up :P), and things like that have been a quality I see now dating back years! Came across this video from another build video's link… Thanks for all the vids! Wish I woulda found you guys years ago.

  4. im 12, building my 3rd computer, from socket 478 P4 @ 3.0 to a lga 775 e8400 oc'd to 3.16 to a i5 3570K

  5. my uncle had spare parts from his old projects, so he gave them to me, now its my 13 birthday and i will be building the computer very soon

  6. I watched a Tiger Direct PC build video earlier today, and that was a big mistake. It was terrible. He didn't spread the thermal paste, put WAY to much on the CPU, dropped the HDD a couple times, and overall abused the parts. I feel like I betrayed Newegg by watching that horror.
    I'm sorry, Paul. Will you ever forgive me?
    Newegg for life <3

  7. um trinidad&tobago dollars its 6:1 6TT TO 1 US so making a monster rig is kinda challenging in my island because only certain stores stock high end stuff i dont think the 8 core what amd has made has even reached down here as yet but who knows i might be the first one 🙂 so i have to tank amd for staying alive because its kinda tough with prices down here 🙁 and the i7 extreme is like 5500 to 6000 TT so once i
    thank AMD not to be hatin on intell 🙂

  8. Well that kind of sucks :l
    Good luck with that though 🙂
    I'm saving up money to build my first gaming PC as well 😀

  9. or ok cool man no probs ill post up a vid of my rig once its completed right now im painting my second haf 932 those down here is like 1450.00 i got my second hand one for like 700 and a free 1tb hdd

  10. Floppies are still useful for BIOS Flashing older Motherboards that do not support flashing while the computer is on, logged into and being run as an exe.

  11. Things have got one hell of a lot faster using SSD drives etc. I have taken delivery today of this case plus i53570k cpu Gigabyte Z77x-D3H mobo Artic cooler 13 cpu fan Intel 120gig 330 series SSD. LG E2242C LED monitor And 8 Gigs of corsair vengeance ram for £570 pounds. A prebuilt system with those specs maybe upto a grand including a decent GPU. Get building it's fun and cost effective buying parts if you shop around. It's not hard unlike rocket science

  12. uuu thanks for an answer mate=) AND you are from england=)

    so u are saying all that lot costs today 570 quid? wow… I got an alienware (second hand) M15x for that money.

    and because its second hand it works… not that well=)

    I mean its fine, but its not mac fast=(

    Where abouts do u live mate?

  13. I'm in SW England. Try using sites like Tom's Hardware or Overclockers that will tell you all benchmarking tests ( This v That etc) and have great guides, how too's etc. Be prepared for some home truths about prebuilds especially the price compared to seperate componants!.

  14. Same here i want to build my own and looks fun doing it but looks like i will definitly need to be researching and learning about all these parts/what ones are good and how do install it all in a computer

  15. I don't think I have used a floppy since 2000 and it was because of school they were pretty much obsolete 13 years ago.

  16. well this wasnt really helpful.
    It gave generic tips on how to build a PC but I need help on the specific Haf 922 case.
    Like, how does the front fan led turn on?  Is the 3 pin plug the only thing it needs?

  17. 2009-2010: Core 2 Quad Extreme, EVGA 750i SLI motherboard, Nvidia GTX460, 8 Gb RAM tops with 4 dimms, still runs good today.

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