Building a Fully Silent Fanless PC – HDPlex H5 Gaming PC

This custom computer included the following components:

HDPlex H5 Case
Asus H270F Motherboard
Intel i7-7700T CPU
Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB
16GB Teamgroup Dark DDR4-2400 RAM
512GB Intel 600p NVMe SSD
1TB Crucial MX300 SSD
Asus AC55BT Wi-Fi Card
400W HDPlex DC-ATX & 330W External AC-DC Adapter

Passmark Benchmarks can be found here:

Maximum temperatures after running Prime95’s CPU stress test and FurMark’s GPU stress test were 80 °C for both the CPU and GPU.

Available for sale are fully built silent computers, built with no moving parts. The computers utilize passive heatsinks to dissipate the heat into the air. A variety of models are available with a variety of latest generation processors and SSD storage options. These PCs are great for general use or as home theater PCs. They have zero fans, zero spinning disks, and therefore zero noise! They are available at the link above.

23 Comments on “Building a Fully Silent Fanless PC – HDPlex H5 Gaming PC”

  1. Honestly the water (in my opinion) is annoying at this level it is too loud and needs to be at most half it's current volume when applied in a future video (if you decide to re-use the recording) but very interesting build none the less good job

  2. Nice build! I would add a little better cable management, just a little and nothing else. I suggest You change the table where you take the final view of the assembly on the outside, it ruins the beauty of the build in my opinion.

  3. I have 2 builds of this case, one is with gtx1070ftw and i5 6600, another is with gtx1080 classified and i7 8700k@5G. I limit GPU power in 150 Watt (the full power of 1070 is 200W,the 1080 is 240W), and less than 10% performance is lost(the 1070 loses 5%). I modified the GPU cooler and replaced 4 heat pipes with longer 45cm to bridge the both GPU and CPU cooler, so GPU and CPU can share the heat dissipation scales, this is how the case supports gtx1080 and gtx1070.

  4. I just Need to point out, i love the calmingly nature in the background, im tried of the same dubstep music playing over and over, this is relaxing and it makes the content interesting 😀

  5. Could you upload a stress test video that proves the temps under load and under normal air temp. Without cuts or video editing.

  6. The GPU Heatsink has a max TDP of 95W but the GPU has a TDP of 120W. Do you need to downclock the GPU?

  7. Excellent video! I love fanless PCs. Silence is so OP.

    Could you upload a benchmark vid please? I'd love to see this baby in action, with modern games and emulators. Thank you so much, great content.

  8. I really love the background sound. It's just so different and unique from others. This is the stuff I live for.

  9. This build is unique in beautiful way. I'm just concerned that under full load the blocks will turn into radiators (especially the gpu one).
    Nonetheless interesting design. Keep up the good work.

  10. Ты последовательность установки тепловых трубок перепутал. Они не должны идти лесенкой, а должны стоять ровно по торцам и тогда будет больше пятно контакта у прижимных планок.

  11. Only thing is that the VRAM on the video card will catch fire on some point, other than that all is good.

  12. I'm a big fan of passive cooling PC's it's more efficient, no noise and you don't have to mess around with dust inside of the case. You are a true pioneer. Thank you for sharing this video.

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