Building a RYZEN 5 1600X Gaming PC

We build our first RYZEN 5 gaming PC with the 1600X & RX 480. Let’s see how it plays!

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Parts List:
RYZEN 5 1600X –
RYZEN 5 1600 (w/ cooler) –
ASUS B350-PLUS Motherboard –
RipJaws 16GB DDR4 –
Toshiba OCZ 240GB SSD –
WD 4TB Blue –
Corsair SPEC Alpha (black/red) –
Phanteks P400s TG –
Silverstone 500W Strider PLUS –

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Gear list:
Panasonic GH4 –
Panasonic G7 –
Canon C100 –
Sony RX100m3 –
Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 –
Cinevate DUZI Slider –
AKG C314 –
AKG C 568 B –
Zoom H5 –
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34 Comments on “Building a RYZEN 5 1600X Gaming PC”

  1. So, for music production what is the Ryzen CPU best choice ? Please,
    'cause I'm not a computer geek, I'm just a musician and I'm becoming mad. Thank you.

  2. hey men im looking for a cpu cooler? what about the cryorig h7 or
    Noctua NH-L9x65 ???

  3. Where the hell did you get the Asus strix 480 for that cheap? They're selling for 4 – 5 hundred bucks! At least take apart the AMD fan cooler and place the symbol correctly so it's straight. Then download the RGB app so you can change the color to red so it matches. That Corsair case and fans are fuggly but that's just my opinion.

  4. i might build another PC in 2020 with that chip maybe or AMD might have a improve version in the future that could clock even more.

  5. Nice build, I have the same case and processor, with a gtx 1080, 16 gb ddr ram and I'm kicking ass. Every game is ultra 60 fps or higher. Btw that's not overclocked 😉

  6. >We build our first RYZEN 5 gaming PC with the 1600X & RX 480. Let's see how it plays!
    >We build

    It's "built", in past tense you dirty Indian. Let me guess, you work in a call center? Or in programming? Pajeet quality JavaScript, quaranteed. Don't worry my friend.
    Someday in very, very distant future you will be just like us, just like white people. You have to work very hard to get there thought. Good luck!

  7. Hey, is there some problem with AMD cpu and NVIDIA gpu? I heard something about problems in the games, is it true?

  8. very nice upload, thank you for this upload. I have one questions – what are the temperatures of VRM on this motherboard after OC on this Ryzen? Thanks in advance!

    Keep up a good work!

  9. After seeing this vid, my plan is to get a 1600 instead of 1600X and then get an rx 580 instead of a 480! Gonna overclock 1600 with included cooler to 3.8Ghz. Is this a good idea? Also, is a 500W power supply still enough for this or should I go like 650W to be safe?

  10. please tell me how to connect the chassis fans that come with this case. do I just plug in the SATA cable (from the fans loom) into the psu (to power the front panel controller)? do you have to do anything else? thanks so much.

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