Cool Gaming Setup Tech Under $30

I’ve gathered a bunch of cool tech that you can add to your gaming setup! Including a Smart WiFi Power Strip, a USB Fingerprint Reader, an RGB Mouse Mat, an AirPods charging station or dock, an Anker Wireless Charger Stand and finally, a wireless key finder!

Cool Tech Under $30

– Smart Power Strip On Amazon:
– USB Mini Fingerprint Reader On Amazon:
– USB Extension Cable On Amazon:
– Budget RGB Mouse Mat On Amazon:
– AirPods Charging Station On Amazon:
– Anker Wireless Charger On Amazon:
– Wireless Key finder On Amazon: (Use code: YLNTBONE at checkout for 10% off)

– The USB 3.0 Hub under my desk On Amazon:

– Links to everything else in my setup are down below…

★ TechBlock Merch:

– Use Code: TechBlock5 for 5% off your order!

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● Amazon Links
– Amazon Prime 30-day free trial:

– Soundbar on Amazon:
– Keyboard on Amazon:
– Mouse on Amazon:
– Wireless Headset on Amazon:
– Amazon Echo Spot on Amazon:
– Triple Monitor Mount on Amazon:
– Single Monitor Mount on Amazon:
– Bottom Monitors on Amazon:
– Overhead Monitor on Amazon:
– PC Case on Amazon:

– Chair: (Use Code: TechBlock5 at Checkout)
– Desks on Amazon:
– Drawer on Amazon:

– My Camera on Amazon:

– Desktop Wallpaper:

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