Dignitas (DIG) vs CLG – scarra Pantheon mid || Super week NA LCS Summer 2013 W9D3 || Full Game HD

Another epic match between these 2 awesome teams! Scarra bringing Pantheon to the mid lane! Amazing stuff here, must watch! North America League of Legends Championship Series Week 6 day 2, 3rd game of the day – Dignitas (DIG) vs Team CLG (Counter Logic Gaming). Full game HD.

Dignitas Line-up: KiWiKiD, Crumbzz, scarra, Imaqtpie, Patoy
Counter Logic Gaming Line-up: Nientonsoh, bigfatlp, LiNk, Doublelift, Chauster

Game date: 16.08.2013 | 08/16/2013

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NA LCS Summer split 2013 Week 9 Day 3 games playlist:

1. match CST vs C9 – http://youtu.be/tm6QiGLy5wY
2. match DIG vs VES – http://youtu.be/QSJirQE4kBo
3. match VUL vs TSM – http://youtu.be/EkGl7twYiEw
4. match CRS vs CLG – http://youtu.be/mTkpLXJN6KM
5. match VES vs VUL – http://youtu.be/iC1CgNFnt_8
6. match DIG vs CLG – http://youtu.be/RYg1ycTUlxA
7. match CST vs CRS – http://youtu.be/RT8L0FWK9_k
8. match C9 vs TSM – http://youtu.be/LQ2OBvknrbA
9. match (the tiebreaker for 5 th place) DIG vs CLG – http://youtu.be/XFrUkeW9pME

15 Comments on “Dignitas (DIG) vs CLG – scarra Pantheon mid || Super week NA LCS Summer 2013 W9D3 || Full Game HD”

  1. Just recently watched s3 quarterfinals.
    Royal Club and Skt t1 and even Fnatic playing so awesome.
    Sad to say that these two teams just played like trash compared to them 🙁

  2. Ofc they played like trash if you compare 2 NA LCS level teams to the 2 best teams in the world.
    It's like saying a silver player is terrible compared to a diamond player.

  3. I often play Pantheon mid. He's often countered by top champions (Chogath, Yorick, Malphite…) and is good again AP carries.

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