DLSS Killer for AMD! Sapphire TriXX Boost Analysed

If you’ve ever owned a Sapphire graphics card, you will likely have used the TriXX software. Today we are focusing on TriXX Boost, a new feature of the software which lets you set custom resolutions for your games, meaning you get higher frame rates. It also uses Radeon Image Sharpening to minimise the hit to image quality. Dominic finds out just how good it really is.

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21 Comments on “DLSS Killer for AMD! Sapphire TriXX Boost Analysed”

  1. so – let us know your thoughts on TriXX Boost. is this a feature you would use, or do you prefer to play at native resolution?

  2. Hardware Unboxed,who are pretty pro AMD ,tested both Radeon IMAGE Sharpening and DLSS,multiple times in different videos on both and concluded DLSS after the last few driver updates,is hands down overall better.

  3. 09:00 what's happened the npc's clothes just under the green cloth, one shot they grey and red and the other one they all white, is that normal for the benchmark to randomise the npc's clothes colour?
    Edit: Anyway, the images don't look all that different for a pretty big performance boost in fps.

  4. With such a large frame rate boost, and minor differences between native, I'd have no issue using this if a game was struggling at a higher resolution – as would any reasonable individual. It's interesting how it can improve things e.g. some textures, and over-sharpen others e.g. finer edge hair details.
    I'd definitely be wary of stating a general preference for a 'softer' look in some scenes. This is entirely subjective, though entirely at the mercy of the gfx artist and in-game gfx presets. If the scene allows (i.e. is not hard-coded to be 'soft' e.g. movement blur toggle) I'd prefer it if you were describing the scene as if it were meant to be rendered photo realistically i.e. would you not be expecting everything visible with max detail? If yes then anything that helps get us there would be a bonus. The steady march to higher monitor resolutions with more powerful gfx cards helps too.

  5. Native 4k with no AA or sharpening for me. As a Nvidia owner it's no issue for me, maybe AMD will release a top end gpu at some point. Blurry AA and sharpening and upscaling look terrible to me, i'd rather play native lower res with no AA on a lower res monitor than do this kind of rubbish. Nvidia freestyles new sharpening is also horrible to me.

  6. Isn't it that AMD RIS supports DX9, DX12 and Vulkan but not DX11? I would hope it would support all DirectX eventually though.

  7. If a game has build in resolution scaling itself what is the difference with trixx softaware if we set em in the same resolution?Same image i guess?
    And is sapphire the only brand that has scaling res software?

  8. I've enabled it but it doesnt seem to be working, I have Radeon Image Sharpening turned on but it still looks blurry just as if I had lowered the resolution normally.

  9. I have the sapphire pulse rx 5700 xt, and all i want to do is change the rgb color on the card. i dont get the nitro glow option. is there no way for me to change the rgb color on my card?

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