Dota 2 Store – The Obsidian Blade Set – Huskar

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Game : Dota2

50 Comments on “Dota 2 Store – The Obsidian Blade Set – Huskar”

  1. I love this set, it's so well made, it's beautiful and it even fits huskar himself, i never saw anyone use it in-game though for some reason, so thanks for uploading the video, keep up the good work dota2clan.

  2. I have checked the set and the bones are not aligned well. especially the shoulder part where the skull is away from the buckle ring.where it should be connected. You can see it @ 00:16 and from 00:26

  3. dude that set is amazing!!!!! that is perfect for huskar!!!
    oh btw my friends told me that there is a glitch on this set such as his pauldrons and his dagger are flying or something pls fix . Thanks!!! Keep up the great work!!

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