Dota2 XMG Captain’s Draft – “Janjou, Keeper of the Nuts” – Free Tickets and Courier

Win one of 20 Tickets for the XMG Captain’s Draft Tournament by leaving a rather funny comment and subscribe to the channel 🙂

This tournament is brought to you by:

Crucial Ballistix –
Logitech G-Series:

as an excuse to watch Dota2 during workdays.


50 Comments on “Dota2 XMG Captain’s Draft – “Janjou, Keeper of the Nuts” – Free Tickets and Courier”

  1. How to communicate with rusian captain?! (in eu server of course). They have their own server, but they play in eu.
    Btw: You cant burn burning thing.

  2. Neil hooking someone. 

    (Im reposting becuase I dont know if Im egible becuase of I wasnt subscribed when I made the comment.)

  3. This courier should have a voice response for those Dotas that went 70+ min of farming and spam to the enemy team "I really have all their nuts"

  4. The wrath I will bring upon my foes with this little courier shall be endless! The woes and sorrows of my enemies will be cast upon the outer rim of the barrier where I reside in the void, watching upon the vast horizon of planes of abyss for incoming threats. Suffer under my will, for these foul portents have harked a new reckoning upon thee.

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