eXtravision – eXperiment funds, Medic statue, TF2012, Phlogistinator & Crocketeer's Cloak

Your Team Fortress 2 news every Monday. Episode #5, February 6th.

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Airon – sound effects, soundtrack mix
Carl Spackler – Cameraman and bodyguard

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Workshop Item of the week: Crocketeer’s Cloak – by NeoDement

eXperiment LAN fund: http://experimentlan.chipin.com/the-experiment-lan-fund

Medic statue by Gaming Heads: https://www.gamingheads.com/

BBall tournament: http://tf2pug.heroku.com/topics/2476?page=1

TF2012! http://teamfortress.com/post.php?id=7254
Game update February 2nd http://teamfortress.com/post.php?id=7267

OZfortress signups open: http://ozfortress.com/showthread.php?t=49578

eXtv demo call for coaching: http://www.extelevision.com/forum/index.php?topic=82.0
Demo submission form: http://www.extelevision.com/submit

50 Comments on “eXtravision – eXperiment funds, Medic statue, TF2012, Phlogistinator & Crocketeer's Cloak”

  1. I can't wait for next Monday. Our team has won our second match tonight for the UGC Highlander and we're all having a good time. I hope you can catch one of our matches Extine! ~brushie.Teligineer

  2. I cannot conceive of why Funboats (Soldier mobility in exchange for a weapon) would be banned and GRU (insane mobility for Heavy of all damn people with NO real weapon loss) allowed last season in Oz, that's downright dumb.

  3. If the heavy is stupid enough to think he can just sit in the pyro's face and shoot rather than take 2 seconds to back up, he deserved to get killed.

  4. I want that cap badly also but I don't honk we are going to get it. Valve doesn't like to make items that drastically change the shillouette of a class. After the fallen wings of the pyro, valve had to stop because it was causing too many problems for gameplay for people

  5. @mnyfrsh The Gunboats decision was to stop constant bombing soldiers in lower divisions where it is harder to counter. GRU are fine by themselves, they allow heavy to be used offensively, however the decision to allow the sandvich aswell was stupid.

  6. Just want to let you know eXtine the quality of these eXtravision episodes is phenomenal. I'm really enjoying them. So, Thank you.

  7. Do not end the letters with "the community". I do not agree with anything that letters says, and it sounds like we all are trying to get the plhog nerfed. We're not, some of us see it as underpowered anyway.

  8. @dfoots Yyyaaaooo!!! Yeah thanks man, I saw the offer in my inbox… the Marriott is a ways away from the LAN unfortunately :/ Players will be staying close by and walking/shuttling right over.

  9. I'm really ecited at the thought of the official release of the Source Filmmaker. the Replay Feature is nice, but it can be achieved a lot more with more personalitation.

  10. Just something you could add, is on screen text when you';re mentioning something like a website or data of match, just to show the details and stuff

  11. Phlogistinator also has no random crits, though. And if you're that concerned about facing it, just kill the Pyro out of range, so that they can't score fire damage (unless Flare Gun/Detonator/Manmelter fire damage counts, in which case, damn.)

  12. @shaun1ep Many servers have random crits disabled anyway, which means the main drawback to the weapon is removed. At that point, the only downside is a lack of airblast, and if the backburner has shown us anything, it's that bad pyros don't airblast anyway, even when it's available.

    In a comp environment, that pyro won't get very far, but in a pub setting, all he needs to do is kill the rubbish players on a team to build MMPH, then use the MMPH to w+m1 into a group. No skill, easy kills.

  13. @dieselmachine You have yourself a fair point there, but I usually play on no-change servers, and it doesn't really dominate that effectively there. Admittedly, with random crits disabled, it gets a whole lot better, but so do a lot of weapons, including the Diamondback (not that it's ever really used :P), the Ambassador, the Frontier Justice…basically, every weapon that cannot normally receive random crits.

  14. This is getting better and better each episode, I hope you can start covering a bit more important matches and leagues from the EU scene…
    Also, rumor has it the big secret stuff is a new revolutionary game mode! 😀

  15. I don't know the first secret to the TF2012, but i believe that Valve is going to release Source Filmmaker because, according to the TFblog, the 2nd annual Saxxy awards is going to be Bigger and Better. Plus Valve was thinking of releasing SFM after the Meet the Team videos were done, that was from a Political Gamer Article. And Meet the Pyro is coming out, which is the last Meet the Team video. I hope my prediction is right, because I really hoping for a non-buggy Source Filmmaker.

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