GTX 1180 Coming In July With GDDR6?!

Could Nvidia’s Next Generation of Graphics Cards come as early as July? Stay tuned…



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  1. Well hopefully if they do blow pascal out of the water, the 1070 will retain most of its value because I literally bought mine yesterday…

  2. Немного не верится что будет 16Гб видеопамяти, что ж буду верить и копить… Режим ждуна активирован)))

  3. Dude I am going to US this June and I am thinking about getting my GPU from there since it is way cheaper over there. I was hoping on getting a Gtx 1080 but if the new Volta comes out In July its better getting the Volta if they release a card stronger than the gtx 1080. It would be sad if they start from the weaker cards like the 1150.

  4. It's likely to be as fast as a Titan V, as every Ti card has been as fast as it's Titan daddy. It won't be 3000 dollars though. I already knew it was going to be released within 3 to 7(-ish) months after the release of the Titan V, as most Ti cards have been released within that timeframe:

    Titan -> 780, 93 days (~3 months)
    GTX Titan X -> 980 Ti, 77 days (~3 months)
    Nvidia Titan X -> 1080 Ti, 220 days (~7 months)
    (yes, the names of the GTX Titan X and Titan X are stupidly done, I know)
    Titan V -> today it's been 138 days since release(~5 months)

  5. Nvidia are day light robbery artist's amd are releasing new gpu set at around 300 quid Nvidia could do the same but they won't

  6. I would hope that Nvidia learns from the Apple mistake. Apple learned that consumers did not want to pay $1000 for a phone. Nivida better learn from that mistake and not price these cards out of consumer interest. A smart company would make sure they did not run out of cards to meet need this time around like has happened with the high-end cards cause of crypto.

    Make more, sell at a reasonable price.

  7. As long as it has Tensor cores, then there's absolutely no doubt it beat Pascal because there are some reviews of the Titan V and it destroys the 1080 Ti even with all Tensor cores disabled and also beats the GTX Titan XP. I believe it can beat an XP with the Tensor cores disabled too, but not certain. I am certain if the Tensor cores are enabled. The only thing is the GTX 1180 obviously won't have as many Tensor cores as the Titan V. I'm guessing the 1180 will be even faster than the 1080 Ti is vs over the 1080, in fact I'd even bet the difference would be like comparing a 1070 to a 1080 Ti….something like 50+ FPS or more. I have a GTX 1070 and want an 1170 along with upgrading from an i7 4790k to an i5 960…or R we still in the 8th gen….anyway…..the fasest i5 6-core CPU. I'd love to get an 8-core, but I only have $1050 to spend, so I doubt I could buy an 1170 and a new i5, but I could probably get the new i5 and a 1080 Ti…well….maybe.

  8. I've been holding off upgrading my GTX 970 would rather wait 2 generations so it's actually worth it in the long run!

  9. I'm so excited. I bet these gpus are gonna be double the performance of the 10 series and completely shut down any competition. 🙂

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