How To Get FREE PC Games Using Your Graphics Card! — Games From Space Tutorial

Here’s a tutorial for how to get free PC games using your graphics card! This method is super easy and is 100% legal! Let me know what games you guys get!


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20 Comments on “How To Get FREE PC Games Using Your Graphics Card! — Games From Space Tutorial”

  1. Am I the only one that has got a gpu with a bugged 4012mb instead of 4096mb??? LMAOOOO… thats just 3.98-ish gb. :c

  2. What is the best GTX? Im gonna be new to pc, building mine in a few months when I buy all the parts, and my budget is around 2k.

  3. "You need a GPU with at least 4GB of VRAM"

    Life… I don't even have a GPU. Damn you integrated graphics!

  4. I tried this out for a bit but ended up switching to a different company that's basically the same thing, only you get credited a lot more for your mining – it's if anyone's interested in checking it out as well. As a note either way: DO download and install msi afterburner. Use it NOT to overclock your card, necessarily, but to ramp up the fans and lower the temp limit. I recommend matching the speed % to the temp in degrees if you're not experienced with overclocking. I have my GTX1070Ti set up that way, with the temp limit lowered from 83 to 75, and with the better fan speed control it averages around 44-47 when gaming heavily vs high 60s to low 70s, so WAY better for my card's lifetime hopefully. Open air card placement so good airflow but a relative temperature around 27C most of the time. They're not as "pretty" as gamesfromspace yet, as it's a new competitor basically, but I figure it's worth trying them both and checking out all your options. Doesn't matter to me where I get the Steam keys, so long as I can register them. 🙂 Sorry if this was sponsored in some way that I wasn't supposed to mention this. (But yeah, it's a good idea either way for getting free games that you own legally.) (And no, I'm not involved with either site or sponsored or paid in any way by them other than the games I pay for with mining, I just like getting free games and found I personally got "more for the money" by trying out other options so I figured I'd pass it on.)

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