How To Install Your New Graphics Card!

Do you have a new GPU? Today I’ll show you how to install it. Stay tuned…


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  1. Now do a video on the same theme but with an actual smallish case, where you can't install it in the lowest slot but you have to use the topslot AND instead of an AIO you have say… an Noctua nh-d15 cooler on that cpu 😉 (and not the nh-d15s variant mind you)

  2. well my 1060 6gb is fine for now… hopefully upgrade it in a year or two when prices are back to normal….*hopefully*

    Thanks for showing how to upgrade nice vid!

  3. So i want to build my first ever pc this year. Would the i5 8400 and the gtx 1070 make a good pair and avoid bottlenecks? Please let me know!

  4. I upgraded my gtx 1050 to a 1080 by using my microwave. If you put it inside on medium power for 30 mins then it will increase from a 1050 to a 1080. If you want to overclock then leave it in for 2-3 mins more for 200-300hz extra.

  5. I'm stuck with an error 43 can someone help it's a PNY Gtx 1050 ti with a msi tomahawk b350 motherboard, Ryzen 7 1700, 16 GB ram, and an evga 850 watt psu

  6. I bought a used gtx980ti from a mom she seemed super angry I bought it for $150 she said that she was selling the whole pc for $1000 but I said I just wanted the gpu I swear if she sold her kids gpu he’s gone be pissed lmaooo hope she didn’t tho that’d just be rude af I was kinda debating on taking the ram too but it was 8gb of ddr3 I have 8gb of ddr4 so I’m not sure if it would work well ( always buy used tech if it’s a good deal) be safe tho I was lucky it was a 30min trip to the rural areas and it was a pretty nice looking house too hope the best for all of u

  7. There are at least hundreds of tutorials on that. Running out of ideas?
    You can „review“ cool gadgets you find online (just an example) and find an everyday use for that.

  8. Would it have the power connectors for the graphics card in my computer because my computer had an integrated card

  9. Hi, its the future. Kind of. Prices went down enough for me to upgrade at least, and I'm a broke bitch.

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