I custom water cooled my PC for $95.50 on Wish.com

So you have probably heard of the site Wish.com, At this point the site has almost become a meme, Buy a graphics card that says it’s one thing only to find out its something completely different. That got me thinking, just because ever GPU on wish seems to be something its not does that mean that every item on Wish.com is total crap. What if you wanted to try and build yourself a EK-Kit from parts found on Wish.com, Could you do it, what would it cost and would it even work or would you order a CPU block and end up with a potato. So I decided to find out, I hopped on wish bought a CPU block with RGB of course, a pump res combo, and a rad and got to work to see if this thing could cool my Overclocked I7-7700k. This whole system cost me $95.50 on Wish.com and I was surprised at what I got for that price.

Get yourself the EK-Kit I have at the link below.

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  1. ok Custom Watercooling for <100 cant be so good .. spezial the Pump …. but for Around 250 it is possible with good Brandet Stuff …
    example – Alphacool Eisblock XPX CPU – Intel/AMD – polished Clear Version 54,90€ Alphacool Laing DDC310 – Complete Edition Eisdecke – silber/Plexi 71.50€ 1x Phobya Balancer 250 black nickel 22,79€ 1x Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 Full Copper 360mm Radiator V.2 84,90 Komplete 234.09€ then You need some Tubing and Fittings … Around 20-50€ more or less depends on what Type of Tubing You want to use … so You are around 250 to 300€ with Good Quality stuff .. no noname Equipment if You want it … you have to pay it … and Yes there is much more expensive stuff out there .. who wants it can by it 🙂 and if You use RGB Stuff .. You can control the Temps with it .. Blue = cool … Red = Hot … with good RGB on the Pump and the Waterblock You can get a Temp Bonus of around 10° C :-))

  2. Put the block on the ek loop. I'm more interested in the rad, but I'd never ask you to introduce aluminum into an EK kit.

  3. For the radiator, just wait for a sell out! I bought an B type Alphacool rad (used by the company for testing an block) for 29,00€ instead of 70€.

  4. Nothing from Big brands like EK or Alphacool comes with fittings! You always buy those separately! You got fittings with the EK kit only because it is a kit.

  5. Well done.
    Here comes the Air cooling argument.
    You could easily get a noctu- Hey! you said d15.
    My work here is done.

  6. Alphacool has much cheaper kits than EK. XSPC too when they are up and available for even cheaper. Aquatuning has good stuff.

  7. My system is running a Freezemod Block (15€ Aliexpress) for a year now with max Prime temps of 55°C on my 1600x. The rest of the Loop is bought used for 50€ 240+120 radiator, eheim pumprescombo and a full cover block for my 290x.

    Had to watercool it to get temps under control in the small Prodigy M and didn't want to spend more on the loop than on the system 😀

  8. Somebody did this with some Ali Express stuff and it wasnt so bad. Maybe 10-25% less performance than ekwb.

    Ekwb radiators are silly priced. I got some mayhems ones for 35 quid each and they are huge…

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