IT’S HERE – Threadripper 2 2950X Reviewer’s Kit Unboxing!

Threadripper 2 2950X Reviewer’s Kit Unboxing!
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AMD sent over their new Threadripper 2 2950X 16-core CPU, along with a full reviewer’s kit containing various tech goodies. Here’s my unboxing!
Also, a small info dump on the upcoming Threadripper 2 CPU lineup including the 32-core 64-thread 2990WX, the 24-core 48-thread 2970WX, and the 12-core 2920X.

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28 Comments on “IT’S HERE – Threadripper 2 2950X Reviewer’s Kit Unboxing!”

  1. So consumers won't recieve any cooler in the box?
    Edit: not a criticism, just wondering if I can fit this in my budget

  2. wasteful packaging, non-recyclable plastic and foam. the point of elaborate packaging is to capture attention of potential customers, but 99.9998% of people who purchase a CPU do so online. in addition to garbage ending up in a landfill, more oil is burned shipping this stupid box around. tech world needs to wake up to its excess, or governments will regulate to curb the nonsense. not buying amd products again until they drop the environmental nightmare of a box

  3. Nice video! Just wondering if you have compared the wraith ripper with the noctua u14s? which one is more superior in terms of thermal and noise level?

  4. Do All 2950x come boxed like that? I get my 1950x in the mail tonight or tomorrow and I want something like that! lol

  5. That is such a waste of packaging for such a tiny piece of hardware…AMD could have just sold the CPU in a tiny metal tin, the size of the orange black plastic box…less material wasted, lower cost…

  6. you took the words out of my mouth, screw it … and it isn't like its free advertising for Intel, who stole $Billions from OEMs, component suppliers, and customers over that last decade once there felonious monopoly was secured.

  7. 970 EVO ? !!! what. That frickin NVMe goes to 11. Heat sink it real well, not just for throttling, but to extend life.

    Samsung NVMe kicked Intel's ass, but who doesn't?

  8. FYI: inverted cases are an option for anyone worried about with liquid cooler leaking, since leak would go directly to bottom and not ruin rest of PC. (Not saying leaks area are problem generally speaking with stationary cases)

  9. sorry, AMD makes it products assuming the end users are fairly smart, versus people who buy a PC and system based on the sticker that comes with it.

    You did a good job. One learns quickly about the thermal grease.

  10. your music in the background is distracting, apart from that nice toys….looking at upgrading my kit, good review. Ha update. the annoying music is coming from my house lol ignore me lol

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