Meet the $400 Dell OptiPlex Sleeper

Baller on a budget? Meet our $400 sleeper – a Core i5 3470/RX 480 combo that packs a heck of a punch in 1080p and 1440p. Be sure to check out the Dell Optiplex 3010 featured in this video, along with our upgrades (PSU, graphics card, and hard drive)!

Dell OptiPlex 3010
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ASUS RX 480/580 4GB/8GB
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EVGA 500W/600W 80+ PSU
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44 Comments on “Meet the $400 Dell OptiPlex Sleeper”

  1. This is crazy, yesterday I saw an ad for two of these Optiplex’s for $100 and I wasn’t going to do it, but I think I will now.

  2. What about the front panel cable that holds up any big gpu? and if you separate it you'll face annoying message every booting. How did you overcome that?

  3. I found a Dell Optiplex 3010 with an i5 3470 in it for $30. Didn’t include a hdd. No big deal for the price. I have a 2x4gb kit of ram that I had leftover from another build that I plan on putting in there and I’m waiting on the ssd, hdd, rx 570, and psu I ordered to come in. With all discounts that are going on rn I was able to get everything to complete the build, including the starter pc for just under $400. I also got game codes for the Division 2 gold edition and World War Z included with the gpu. It’s going to be a decent starter pc for my bro 🙂

  4. Yo, Newegg gave you a broken keyboard? What in the flip lol
    I'm sorry dude, I'll take your call in CS, I got you lol

  5. Can anyone tell me how is he able to see the CPU and GPU temperatures and usage on screen while gaming???

  6. I once saw a man unboxing a Dell OptiPlex bent a little in shipping to "upgrade his daughter's build" or something. He kept breathing heavily the entire time.

  7. My dad surprised me with this a few weeks ago lol XD
    I had a gtx 1050 at the time and it came with an i5, boy was I happy

  8. my budget built for that money would be the Ryzen 5 bundle deals Which usually includes decent enough Mobo and RAM, slap that video card and PSU put it an an old case and call it a day

  9. what I already got: Dell Vostro 230 without upgrades for free
    what I can upgrade it with: 8 GB of ram, Geforce gt 710 or Nvidia GTX 1650, 244 GB HDD to 128 GB SSD and use the old one for games.
    and boom a budget gaming pc

  10. I got the same Dell off of EBay, bumped it to 16GB Ram, installed a second HDD (SSD is on its way) and put in a GTX 1050TI and I’m very happy with it for the price, next year I do want to build a Ryzen 5 system and go to an 8GB AMD card because video editing isn’t very fast and I would like to play around with VR a little bit as well.

  11. I agree with this video. My son and my nephew both play all types of games with hardware similar to this… Optiplex 9010, 2nd or 3rd gen i7 with 16GB RAM, new power supply and a decent used video card (R9-280X). Works great for the price!!

  12. I think its important to mention that older hardware takes MORE POWER, and newer hardware takes LESS POWER in these budget builds. Ppl who dont build all the time may think that the newer=the more power hungry…when in fact the newer the hardware the less the PSU has to be. The RTX 2070 has a max pull of 185w whereas the old af GTX 580 has a max pull of 244w. AND, obviously the 2070 would be at least 5 times faster with less power draw. (the 480 didnt have proper specs on the NVIDIA site)

  13. Ive got similar optiplex build I7 3770, radeon 5770, 16g ram, crucial 500 ssd, an 2tb of hard disk. That said, I don't know if your graphics card has something wrong with it or what. but I play gta on high graphics aswell with a solid 30fps. I would expect more then 60fps from the rx given the benchmarks

  14. I got a Dell Optiplex for free from my brother's work. It had a an i7 4770s and the rest was crap – I added a gtx 1060 6gb video card, a 650 watt power supply, a 480 SSD, 14gb of ram. I play triple a titles on most of the time at max settings and stream at the same time with no issues

  15. Im still running an i7 920 with 8 gigs of ram and a gtx 780. Im now considering "upgrading to one of these Dell systems…. maybe the 7010 or 9010 though.

    i have the same with 950 gtx
    the pc is just amazing ! no need for more money and hundrends to spend

  17. DAMN YOU!!! Now the prices of all the 7010 and 7020 pcs on Ebay are going to go up! I have been using 4770 and 4790 processor oem rigs for my surveillance systems for years. Averaging around 250-300 each, they make killer systems for cheap. I also almost always run an ssd and a 4tb Skyhawk drive.

  18. Tried this with an OptiPlex 990 and an Asus 4GB Rx580, having framerate issues/stuttering and it's pretty much unusable. Any ideas what might be causing this? I've tried updating and trying different driver with no luck.

  19. Wow.. what a great rewards on 7yr old CPU… Too bad you Are testing it on 7yr old games… I know it doesnt matter that much but it kinda bothers me.

  20. You had me until you said "windows 10". I prefer FUNCTIONALITY over consumerism/commercialism. I wonder if the hardware is linux compatible.

    I've switched to linux mint. I can't stand windows anymore. A customer gave me a computer with win 8 on it, must be win 8 crap edition. WTF did they do to the main menu? I yelled at the stupid thing for 20 minutes before I found out the tiny, hidden little arrow labeled "apps" HAS THE FRICKIN CONTROL PANEL LINK… idiots. They want me to think of the control panel as an app?

    That seems right in line with where they are going. Remove all functionality so you can charge for it, and keep the production killing adds and popups that repeatedly SLAP you in the face with, "BUY OUR CRAP!!! BUY OUR CRAP!!! BUY OUR CRAP!!!" right in the middle of the article you are trying to read, while the institute of social research publishes another lying study that indicates how well offensive marketing works.

  21. I got a 9020 with a 4790 (non k 🙁 ) for $250. Came with 16gb ram and an extra power supply for whatever reason… stuck a 1050 2gb and a 120ssd I had laying around in it and it's a moderate gamer now.

    Anyway, I'm pretty sure the motherboard cannot be swapped into other cases. Dell has a proprietary thing going on…

    I could be wrong, I hope I'm wrong, but I think we're stuck with these cases

    Spent a total of $320

  22. you wanna make it beautiful ? add and rgb fan behind the front grill you ll be blown with the result

  23. Love You So Much Bro Bro My PC Has Damaged And Can Not turn On Can You Give ME One Pc Bro Please Bro I Am From Pakistan Me & My All Family Love You BRO


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