Moments and Memories 2017 REACTION: League Of Legends World Championship ( LoL )

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Moments and Memories 2017 REACTION: #LeagueOfLegends World Championship ( LoL )

#lol Reaction conducted by Kevin & Dave at Hypetrain.

23 Comments on “Moments and Memories 2017 REACTION: League Of Legends World Championship ( LoL )”

  1. I'd like to suggest you guys taking a look at the "This is War" series by Pentakill in the near future! These videos really show the champion's personalities as well as what the community is capable of making. This series is a favourite among us!

  2. WE stands for World Elite. They were a Chinese super team, top 5 in the world back in 2012, and won the legendary IPL5 tournament that year. In 2017 they were finally looking really strong again and had a great run at worlds.

  3. I saw someone comment u should react to g2 voice comms. Which is good I guess but u should listen to LEC voice comms because that will have the best of g2 and every other team so think it may just be better. Also still 2017 closing ceremony pls. Great reaction loving your content

  4. Well you guys might not know but there are like in football different leagues and worlds is like champions league where teams from different leagues they come and Team WE at that time were one of the best chinese teams

  5. "The Superteam that Broke the Rules and Changed League Forever
    " should be something you should look into to get a better view of this years MSI.

  6. There's a certain bitter irony to playing Faker's quote about how SKT will always be the best team in LoL and then starting up 'Legends Never Die'… right before the legends died and SKT lost.

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