MSI 2019: Opening Ceremony REACTION! League Of Legends Finals – Mid-Season Invitational LoL

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#MSI2019 : Opening Ceremony REACTION! #LeagueOfLegends Finals – Mid-Season Invitational LoL

#lol Reaction conducted by Kevin & Dave at Hypetrain.

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23 Comments on “MSI 2019: Opening Ceremony REACTION! League Of Legends Finals – Mid-Season Invitational LoL”

  1. If you want to react to others players story you should definitely check Perkz's and Rekkles's story, the greatest European players, they are the faces of two most dominating teams in EU (G2 Perkz and Fnatic Rekkles). Look for the most up to date videos as they are still dominating!

  2. I love how you guys are really trying to learn about LoL, a lot of reaction channels just watch it and then say the same generic things but you can tell you guys are learning not just the game but the players involved with it as well.

  3. This is one of the best songs of league actually, easily world songs level, better than the song of s9, but just because it's an MSI song, it doesn't get an MV

  4. I don't know how up to date you are with Worlds 2019 but here's some info so far.

    All 3 Korean teams at worlds finished number1 in their group (SKT, Damwon and GRF). All 3 European teams at worlds got out of groups for the first time ever in number 2 (G2, Fnatic and Splyce). The remaining 2 teams to make it out of groups were last years Worlds winners Invictus Gaming (IG), and the best performing Chinese team of the year FPX. 0 North American teams made it out of groups, out of 3 representatives, for the first time since 2015 (C9, TL and CG).

    Going into Worlds the strongest teams were SKT, G2, FPX, GRF, RNG and IG. G2 had a great start going 4-0, including beating GRF, but then were destroyed in back to back games vs GRF to finish 2nd. FPX were in the easiest group at worlds and looked very bad. A reasonable expectation for FPX was to go 6-0 in groups. They ended up going 4-2, losing a game to Splyce and JTeam. They also looked pretty weak in the games they won, including a game against Splyce where Splyce realistically should've beat them.

    After a disappointing first week Fnatic went 1-2, losing to both SKT and RNG in convincing fashion. In week 2 Fnatic would need to beat SKT and RNG who both looked in good form, as well as beat CG (this was an expected win). After struggling to beat CG in a 50 minute game, it was unreasonable to think that Fnatic would beat SKT or RNG since they are considerably stronger than CG (CG went 0-6 in games). However Fnatic managed to beat SKT AND RNG to advance out of a group everyone called 'the group of death'.

    Damwon, a Korean team, had a rough first week losing to Team Liquid, but turned up in the second week and crushed. IG managed to get out of groups despite going 0-2 to Damwon, because they went 2-0 vs Liquid. Liquid were a big disappointment for NA fans. They had the 2nd easiest group and looked strong coming into worlds, but severly underperformed. Not only going out but also looking VERY poor vs AHQ twice (the weakest team in the group).

    So basically. G2 got humbled as favourites, they got put in their place by GRF who looked unstoppable in those games. FPX underperformed in their group. SKT looked very strong and consistent, Fnatic made the miracle 2 wins happen, but look very inconsistent, Damwon look scary but uncoordinated as a team, IG are very average in performance however their toplaner and midlaner are liable to dominate games at any moment. Splyce is the weakest team in the quarter finals.

    The quarter finals are:
    – GRF vs IG … Damwon vs G2.
    – FPX vs Fnatic … SKT vs Splyce.

    Quarter finals start this Saturday at midday. Semi finals the following weekend and the final the following Sunday.

  5. Man, I know you guys are meme-ing about people doing Story Of requests – it's crazy though seeing the lineup of players here on both sides, and I can't wait until you delve into some of them. All of them standing there are veteran players with long legacies. Definitely, the Story of Doublelift needs to be high on your list, he is one of the last few pros remaining from the earliest days – went from homeless to respected around the world and many more crazy ups and downs throughout that.

    I'm looking forward to it, have Notifications turned on for you guys and double-check your page every day just to be sure. Keep up the good work!

  6. G2 dominated Team Liquid in this series, winning 3-0 in the fastest international BO5 (Best of 5) of all time.

    You can't see what happened in the final by watching the opening ceremony though, seeing as the opening ceremony happens before the match lol.

  7. React to: How SKT beat EDG the breakdown with zirene.
    It's about the biggest comeback in League of Legends history.
    Another suggestion is: How SKT beat KT rolster a jungling master class the breakdown with zirene.
    There you'll learn about one of the most important if not the most important position in League. Please react to these, have a great day!

  8. When the players walked out onto the stage, the golden archways they apparently came through were actually projected- they were actually walking around the screens, which are lopsided to leave a space between them while looking like a single background when viewed from the front, so it looked like they were walking around the corner of the archway while they were actually walking in front of it. Unfortunately a poorly-judged switch to a side camera angle when Liquid were walking out revealed the trick by letting you see the gap to backstage. Regardless, Riot are simply the BEST at creating flashy events like this.

    Also, G2 absolutely curb-stomped TL in this final. It was gruesome. Combined with all 3 NA teams being knocked out of Worlds at the Group Stage this year while all 3 EU teams went through to the quarterfinals, the question of which region is better has been conclusively laid to rest. Which makes me very happy, and I'm an OCE (Oceania, namely Australia- the weakest region) player.

  9. [Watching the opening ceremony for the MSI final] "I assume we're going to see a little bit of what happened in the final." 😉

  10. Hype train I would really recommend you watch the video “Perkz hype montage” and it says in the thumbnail “watch me” it’s made by G2 Esports own YouTube channel that I recommend you subscribe to

  11. you should watch the netflix documentary about league its called league of legends origins i think is about an hour, not to react what you will know how all this start from nothing i love it

  12. If you want to know a little bit more about coaches, I recommend you to watch "The story of Kkoma". Kkoma is a coach of SKT T1 (Faker's team).

  13. I see you're a G2 fan! I'd love to see you react to their voicecomms at Worlds (i think it's on their channel). They have been crushing it so far!

  14. Also to add some context to the music that Riot makes here; Ever since the very first MSI back in 2015, for every MSI song they have this recurring motif(basically a specific set of notes that characterizes a song). It's kinda functions the same way for many of the worlds songs. In additio, there are always orchestral themes released every year that have a recurring motif that first showed up back in 2012 worlds, called "Summoner's call"

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