MY NEW PC BUILD! (Intel i9-7900X, 1080 Ti, 64 GB DDR4, Kraken X62)

A full build overview and part selection of my new PC.
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A gaming, video-editing, livestreaming and CUDA rendering setup on the X299 socket. The goal for this build was to be able to do all the tasks mentioned at the same time.

CPU: Intel Core i9-7900X:
CPU Cooler: NZXT Kraken X62:
GPU: ASUS GTX 1080 Ti:
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 64 GB DDR4:
PSU: Seasonic Prime 850W Platinum:
M.2: Samsung 960 EVO 500GB:
SSD: Crucial MX300 2TB SSD:
HDD: WD Black 4TB HDD:
CASE: NZXT H440 Matte Black:
OS: Windows 10:

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26 Comments on “MY NEW PC BUILD! (Intel i9-7900X, 1080 Ti, 64 GB DDR4, Kraken X62)”

  1. For those interested in accurate and current prices, I just added a full list of all parts with affiliate Amazon links to the description of the video. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Man, I wish I had fucking $4,500 laying around so i could build a kick ass gaming pc. I mean jesus fuck man thats like super expensive. Why it gotta be so much moony

  3. 3:32, you are installing it wrong, you need to put it in a more pronounced angle, so the pins can enter easily and not hard as seen in video.

  4. Ok, be 100% honest. Is it really worth it spend SO much money on a core i9, 1080 ti and 64GB RAM? You don’t need that to play the most powerful game. I think that you can play the most powerful game with, 1070, core i7 and 16GB RAM

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