News Corner | ASRock Launches Graphics Cards, Kaby Lake G Reviews, Nvidia Quadro GV100

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News Topics:
00:30 – ASRock Phantom Gaming Graphics Cards
02:26 – Intel Kaby Lake G NUC First Reviews
04:20 – Nvidia Quadro GV100 and DGX-2
06:02 – Nvidia Quietly Launches Slower MX150 Variants
07:45 – Quick GPU Poll Results
09:22 – Chrome 66 to Block Unwanted Noisy Autoplaying Videos
10:00 – Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop
10:25 – Foxconn Buys Belkin


News Corner Episode 6

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49 Comments on “News Corner | ASRock Launches Graphics Cards, Kaby Lake G Reviews, Nvidia Quadro GV100”

  1. About the poll, maybe more tech aware people have a more even distribution between amd and nvidia GPUs like the results indicate.

  2. So basically this means we're stuck with current gen cards for a while I guess. Why would a company like ASRock invest into making this gen GPUs if they were on their way out? Wouldn't that mean that AMD isn't planing to release anything new any time soon? I understand these cards had to be in development for a while but the timing is a bit odd. Releasing a new GPU towards the end of said GPUs gen life. To me it looks like AMD isn't planing to release anything new anytime soon. But that's just my interpretation of this. Hopefully I'm wrong.

  3. I think the entering for ASRock (as former OEM branch of ASUS) will lead to the cancellation of Republic of Gamers AMD Cards. I think we never see a ROG AMD Card anymore. ASRock Phantom Gaming is most likely the replacement for that… But thats just my opinion. ASRock was tagged by my friends for years as the Budget branch from ASUS. Therefore it makes some kind sense to establish now a new Gaming Brand even with RX500 series cards.
    However… I wish ASRocks Phantom Gaming a good start any way and I also like there design very much!
    Maybe AMD users don't need the fancy design of ROG. The stealth bomber + alien ship hybrid design never was my favorite.

  4. THANK YOU ASROCK. im so worried that i wouldnt be able to get a rx card anytime soon to pair with my freesync monitor lol

  5. Belkin has one of the best tech support i've ever used. at no point did they talk to me like i was stupid…."is it plug in"

  6. For all we know the AsRock cards are shit, no cards reviewed, no cards to buy, not even a price, so how is that even a launch. If intel launches a cpu that's just a bit hard to buy retail all you tech people scream bloody murder calling it a fake launch but with this launch you all are pushing it likes its the best thing ever so whats up with that. Giving some free advertising, kissing some ass to get a free card?

  7. I think it's somewhat good that ASUS have found this little workaround for the GPP stuff. By letting one of their subsidiaries become the AMD AIB means they won't lose out to companies like MSI and Gigabyte on launch releases. Now hopefully ASRock can provide the same level of quality as ASUS, and also some mini ITX AMD cards would be amazing.

  8. @hardware unboxed OMG where was this VOTING because add a vote to that I have AMD VEGA64 and I would CROSSFIRE as soon as the prices drop

  9. i would argue its not equivalently a igpu, the gpu is connected by pcie on the substrate and had its own hbm memory, so it doesn't use system ram, so its not like basically all igpus

  10. I'm using Vega 64 crossfire because I just have two vegas running for 3D rendering… Then why not go for the mGPU solution?

  11. need to get that kabylake g into the consoles, actually ill be more excited to see what kind of AMD APU ends up in the next consoles now that their CPUs are up to par.

  12. The Lenovo 720s (14") Part Number: 81BD0044UK I'm using for work comes with the full fat MX150 if that helps anyone in the UK.

  13. Idk why nvidia didn't just call the low power version the MX140, the already have an mx130 (which is basically a quadro p400). laptop shopping already requires enough homework and researching.

  14. Asrock became my favourite motherboard manufacturer many years ago. It might happen for graphics cards. They also manufacture some neat mini-ITX barebones and PCs.

  15. I really like these videos, they are a well tought news segment compacted into short videos that keep your attention.
    Is like a well tought WAN show, without the ever lasting and funny issues.
    Great job Tim!

  16. The discrepency between your result and the Steam survey is that the latter includes users in China, where AMD is completely non-existent. We have a market that is 1/7th of the world population that has no legal access to Youtube that has no AMD users, therefore not likely to be part of your survey result.

  17. I had SLI Nvidia 8800GTs, 980Tis, Crossfire Radeon HD4770s, R9 290s, RX480s and most recently tested another 1080Ti to sit alongside my current one and I have to say, SLI and Crossfire are worse solutions in 2018 than they were in 2008. The 8800GTs on the nForce chipeset were the first real SLI solution and faired generally better in compatibility and scaling in 2008 compared to SLI 1080Tis at 4K in 2018. For shame. SLI/Crossfire is dead, I expect it will be back again as DX12 Multi GPU in the coming years as that develops, but SLI and Crossfire are unofficially dead. It's probably really that not many % of people had the hardware and it became part of the game development budget that got squeezed first over time as margins shrunk on PC gaming and budget was re-distrubuted to other areas like online etc.

  18. lets go asrock i am a budget buyer, if they come out close to MSRP i am good to go!, I will take a 580 8GB fuck nvidia i will take a vega 56 also!!!, these prices are outrageous

  19. Nice to see Asrock getting into GPU market with AMD cards. Asrock is a really good brand so the results should be good!

  20. Asrock cards will not come to the USA , at least not anytime soon ! The start in Asian country's first !

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