POP STARS – Opening Ceremony REACTION :Mastercard Finals 2018 – League Of Legends (LOL)

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POP STARS – Opening Ceremony REACTION :Mastercard Finals 2018 – League Of Legends (LOL)

#POPSTARSOpeningCeremony Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9oDlvOV3qs

#lol Reaction conducted by Kevin & Dave at Hypetrain.

16 Comments on “POP STARS – Opening Ceremony REACTION :Mastercard Finals 2018 – League Of Legends (LOL)”

  1. I was told that, in addition to the side screens displaying the augmented view, audience members could also download an app on their phones that allowed them to see a "live" / "in place" view by pointing their phones at the stage. I don't know how much truth there is in that, but it certain is not outside the realms of possibility.

  2. I wouldn't pay attention to gaming communities saying things are 'cringey'. Gamers tend to be socially awkward so they tend to find everything cringey. Every live performance at a gaming event has people spamming cringe when all it is is someone singing. It's sad really but yeah, if you're a well adjusted human you likely won't find 90% of things that gamers find cringey, cringey.

  3. League is huge. Pretty sure it's one of if not the biggest game in the world, definitely gotta be for esports though. They actually are partnered with Marvel now and started their comic run even so who knows where this will go. Everyone wants a movie or an anime series or something. (just like Overwatch's Pixar animated shorts wow) We will see. This was just supposed to be a nice promotional commercial basically for some skins but they did such a professional smashing job with the dance, the collab with the singers, the lyrics, the music, the animation on the video…that it really blew people away, me included. Hell look at me, almost 1 year still possessed by reactions to this song and I thought I was a normal, well-adjusted person before that.

  4. The characters are actually things that are holographic projections (including their shadows just like the dragon you say in Legends never die live.)

    If you're interested in something like this I would love to see a reaction video to "Hatsune Miko" maybe (My favourite is 'The World is mine' for a live performance) although in this case. Hatsune Miko is a thing called a "Vocaloid" a hologram projected idol 😛

  5. I was there live, and still after a year im wondering how they do it. How can they move cameras, go thru the virtual smoke and all that perfectly flawless.

  6. There is a new League of Legends Trailer you should chekc out
    "Light and Shadow | Star Guardian Animated Trailer – League of Legends"

  7. IT would be so cool if you react to all the Jojo Openings or Endings! (The openings are in Japanese and the endings are songs that maybe you will know )

  8. Hopefully you'll react to more opening ceremonies. They are really hype! The most recent one and one of my favorite is from MSI 2019 Finals.

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