Radeon R9 380 vs. GeForce GTX 960, 2015's $200 Budget GPUs Battle it out in 2019!

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Radeon R9 380 vs. GeForce GTX 960, 2015’s $200 Budget GPUs Battle it out in 2019!

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43 Comments on “Radeon R9 380 vs. GeForce GTX 960, 2015's $200 Budget GPUs Battle it out in 2019!”

  1. I was going to say your better off saving an extra $30 and buying a second hand RX 570 for $65 – $80. The RX 570 kinda destorys the value preposition of any other GPU $150 or below, honestly even GPUs $200 and below because the increase in performance is so small compared to the extra cost.

  2. The 960 only did good by having better drivers on older games on launch, it was a scam card and scam reviewed in Nvidia favored games. Anyone who payed attention to the actual card specs should have known the 960 was not a good long term investment, and the web reviews were not truthful about that.

  3. Fuck I am planning on building a new rig, but I do not know if I should wait it out this months or just build it already. do you think it be worth to wait?

  4. This was a fun and useful benchmark video, but i'm sure Steve is addicted to benchmarks as well. All the better for us then.

  5. I got my cousin a Powercolor 380X a few years ago, and even in today's games its still a great 1080P player.

  6. Crysis 1 and Crysis Warhead should be used as benchmarks to see how the entire playthrough of the game plays at full 1080p, 1440p and beyond plus 8xAA if the graphics card can handle it because it still punishes graphics cards.

  7. Great video as always.
    But theres something unclear with your benchmark videos. Are you using the cards at stock speed or factory overclock?
    At this case for example the HIS r9 380 is factory overclocked but the gtx 960 phantom its not and thats not fair or correct.

  8. Am i the only one here that thinks both cards are good? just lower setting a bit and they will give you 60fps easy.

  9. I always want to smash my head against the wall when it comes to the 960 and 380. At launch the 380 has been faster on average than the 960 yet the 960 was the most popular mid range gpu to buy in 2015. I honestly cant see how AMD can win the gpu battle if people just buy nvidia gpus even when they are not faster.

  10. Man i bought my gtx970 4 (5?) years ago for about 320€. Now 4+ years later you only get 50% more performance for the same price (at least from nvidia). Disgusiting…

  11. nice to know that my old 7970 can still do quite well in today's games, since it is pretty much same perf level as rx 380. really cool to see these old gpu comparisons 🙂

  12. As someone with a 960 (2gb and i will accept a gasp in response) attempting to play games that aren't esports titles on all low (i.e. overwatch) attempting 1080p in modern games above medium settings is a no go, and I'm gonna have to live with this card I've had since 2015 for another year :)))))).

  13. A GTX 960
    1024 CUDA Cores
    720p gaming, 80+FPS APEX and other games
    HAHA Beat that

  14. This video pretty much sums up exactly why I always go AMD if it's a viable option. If I don't want to upgrade my GPU with every new generation, AMD GPUs just age better.

  15. Oh my old PowerColor R9 380, I miss the fella. Was gaming everything nicely until I went to play poorly optimized Odyssey and Shadow of Tomb Raider. Upgraded the GPU and played the game again.

  16. Still rocking my R9 380x, got it overclocked pretty high, and I get 60fps in most games at 1080p between high and ultra settings. I'm eyeballing an RTX 2060 but am waiting to see what AMD comes out with later this year before making the leap since I'm in no rush.

  17. i bought a r9 380 4gb for only 70 half a year ago…… im not regretting my decision…. but rx 570 for only 110 seems like a good upgrade now

  18. I have a 3yo ROG laptop with the GTX 965M which is equivalent to the desktop 960, it's still great for my laptop's resolution of 1366×768 especially for eSports titles like DotA 2 which is my primary game. (It also had 1080p display option but I got the 768p touch screen for college use and future proofing which is proving handy now lmao)

  19. I just picked up a R9 380 for £65 to replace my trusty 750 Ti, and now I’m glad I did, it’s really holding itself well especially for the price. Thanks!

  20. Try to overclock r9 380 and it will wipe floor out with shitty gtx 960 gpu… When you overclock r9 380 core clock 1100mhy and memory 1625-1650 it is in the range with rx 570-580 (only 7-12 fps diffence), don't forget Polaris is nothing but upgraded version of Tonga GCN arcitecture with slight improvement in arcitecture, 700 milion more transistors and higher clock and overclock potential due to smaller nm proccess…

  21. newer games see so much performance difference in the favor of amd cards, just show how nvidia drop their older generation cards in driver updates while amd still cares for most of them

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