RX 5700 vs RTX 2060 Super. Test in 9 Games

SAPPHIRE Radeon RX 5700 8 GB
ZOTAC Geforce RTX 2060 Super 8 GB
intel core i7-8700K OC
1-Strange Brigade
2-World War Z
3-Hitman 2
4-Metro Exodus
5-Battlefield V
6-Far Cry New Dawn
7-Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
8-Resident Evil 2 RE
9-Shadow of the Tomb Raider

36 Comments on “RX 5700 vs RTX 2060 Super. Test in 9 Games”

  1. I will never buy something from Nvidia, start now. I buyed Gtx 1050 Ti 4 Gb and my Friend has a RX 570 4 GB, we played Battlefield V and i was at 30 fps when him has double the fps, i returned The Grpahic Card and now i can play Bf V smooth. Expensive cards…

  2. Weird such low temps at the video here, and more fps than 2060 Super.. Even 5700xt in every benchmark site, has lower frames than 2060 Super. 5700 gives some more frames vs normal 2060 only.

  3. Still, what the fuck? Nobody is gonna play world war z on dx11 with rx5700 or choose dx12 for strange brigade, when choose a api, check which is better for each card then show us.

  4. Funny thing is, that the RX5700 in the Video isnt a RX5700…
    It is a Vega 56 or 64, because the vram speed is only 875mhz???
    I think that is a vega 56 cause the vega 64 have a vram speed of 945mhz, so the vega 56 was overclocked not only on the vram, also the gpu, cause the the vega 56 is typical with good cooling at 1500-1600mhz.

  5. 2060 super all the way with 8gb vrm gddr6 higher bit rate too cant stan blower cards so not wating for partner cards plus i do emulation so i need a nvida gpu because amd is just shit in the gpu department unfortunally espeaclly for cemu etc for wii u games etc

  6. AMD are giving Nvidia a run for their money, if only they could do better with their drivers though, either way, I have decided to go for the 5700 XT when the aftermarket cards come out next month, I have been on team green my whole life, this will literally be my first AMD card.

  7. What's next Nvidia ? …… The RTX Super Deluxe ?
    Nvidia is just full of BS , and Jensen Huang can just suck my d*ck !

  8. its fake
    HOW HOW and HOW 1 cooler turbo version rx 5700 can be cooler than 2060S which even in ref comes with 2 coolers and way better heatsink???

  9. If rx 5700 has a little difference compared to the RTX-S, then the RX 5700 outruns the RTX classic right?

  10. Nvidia just shot themselves in the foot by putting raytracing on rtx 2060 and 2070 , these cards were not up to par to do the job . even rtx2080 and TI were barely producing acceptable performance when raytracing was on.
    It just made rtx cards die bigger , 445 mm2 on rtx2060 alone and 755mm2 on 2080ti . way too expensive to produce and nvidia can't sell them any cheaper than what they are now without losing money.
    Even if they went 7 nm , that will bring the die size down and but cost the get 7nm wafer is considerably higher ,2x the cost of 12nm .
    Since they lost over 45% revenue last quarter after crypto crash , they Are under pressure to make or sustain revenue of last quarter , or else their stock will tank.
    Amd rx5700 series have created a serious pain for nvidia. Sell nvidia stock while you can . thanks nvidia stock which made me over $150,000.00 from $30k investment.

  11. Правда что rtx 2060 super скоро подешевеют? Подскажите пж говорят будут стоять 350$

  12. And then idiots talk like RX 5700 and 5700 XT are hot and loud ..here we all see equal or even lower temp then nvidia and all that with blower cooler.

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