Ryzen 3000 Review: Dissapointing But Still Amazing?

AMD’s new CPUs the AMD Ryzen 3000 are now out, and I got my hands on the new Ryzen 3700x, so I decided to review it and see how well the Ryzen 3700x performs!
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3 Comments on “Ryzen 3000 Review: Dissapointing But Still Amazing?”

  1. 7:06 Almost disappointing???? Wow! This kid needs to come back to earth. Sorry kid, (dude) but, you are the only one I've heard say anything that even resembles disappointing in all the Tech Reviews. Even some of the most hardiest from the Intel camp are giving it rave reviews. Plus, comparing it to an 8350?? That was like comparing a Core 2 Quad to a 3rd generation Core i7-not even in the same league! A 9570 would have been slightly better, but still kind of useless. One thing you did say that may be on par is that the 3950X might be the devastating blow to Intel and make AMD the Title Champ. Your benchmarking looked good, just get newer competitors-like 2nd gen Ryzens and then rerun the benchmarks, but to say the new Ryzens are almost disappointing……..far from it. Look at all the major tech reviews.

  2. Can u please make a video on Ryzen 3700x Streaming Performance, I cant find a single good video on this topic.

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