Scam Game on Steam Installs Cryptomining Malware! Valve Responds

Hosted By: Ashley Jenkins and Gus Sorola
Written By: Brian Gaar and Ashley Jenkins
Edited By: Kdin Jenzen


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38 Comments on “Scam Game on Steam Installs Cryptomining Malware! Valve Responds”

  1. It is open market , anything can happen , if someone illegally sell you drug in a market , will you try to shut down the entire market ? Like wise , just because 1 game is scamming players doesn't mean the entire Steam market is bad , it is good that Steam let people choose what they want to play , but that doesn't mean other will try to play nice , even big game studio have scammed players with theirs loot box or even shut down entire game after making customer pay 60$ for it .

  2. Valve needs to scan all uploaded games and their patches for viruses/malware and have any positives flagged for review. Heck, they can at least put a bold, "Beware: This product seems suspicious and could contain harmful code," disclaimer on the store page. It's a simple solution for protecting their customers, and one that shouldn't place an undue burden on Valve or be beyond their capabilities.

  3. It's almost like if steam did their job and didn't keep letting random, cheaply made, money making scheme, bullshit in that this wouldn't have happened…go freaking figure dood -_-'

  4. This game breaks cybercrime laws where i am from so they could be prosecuted in australia Because it was purchasable here.

  5. Don´t worry…THIS is only the beginning…xDAnd it´s one reason i stopped using Steam years ago. Redshell is another late Steam-malware…It´s STEAM, guys…your data – if you use Steam – is long sold for dollars on black market.

  6. Valve & Steam are failing due to their lack of product discrimination. Heck, there are "games" on Steam that don't even run because there is no executable!
    Trolling is actually a fishing term. Trawling is where you drag a net, Trolling is where you drag a line. It started being used on BBSs as "trolling for flames". That eventually got shortened to "trolling". Years later people who had no idea what it actually was mistakenly thought it was related to the mythical monsters known as trolls. Oh well, just useless trivia from someone that was there in the pre-internet days.

  7. Wow. The only "backlash" steam received was from the press, kinda like what the know is doing now. Steam did a great job. The alternative is censorship.

  8. I fail to see how Steam's new "hands off" policy is in any way connected to this. That policy is refering to the specific content of the game (nudity, gore, controversial topics, ect.). Malware is still against Steam's rules, hence the game getting removed. It seems like a really weird stretch to try to connect the two issues.

  9. Valve should develop automated tools or bots to test out games before allowing it to be published on Steam platform if their staff is too inundated to manually test games.

  10. Hey, its up to the community to decide what to buy and notify Steam about potential problems. Thanks dad! I like these grown-up rules.

  11. btw that item you got looks like a australium rpg for solider from tf2 so you can scam people for unusuals cause they wont look at the game they will see it and oh thats legit okay accept trade boom you got scammed

  12. This is more a problem with steams system of detecting or testing these games for malware not there hands off policy with content. Hands off content policy doesn't equal allowing illegal malware onto there store. this would have happen with or without there new policys.

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