Someone stole my GPU! Can I still game?

After a mysterious thief steals my precious graphics card, does my system featuring a Ryzen 5 3400G APU still have what it takes to game comfortably?

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Someone stole my GPU! Can I still game?


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25 Comments on “Someone stole my GPU! Can I still game?”

  1. Edit: Totes overlooked the fact that the APUs are still Zen+ despite being "3000" skus which explains why the memory wasn't clocking higher. Good looking out guys!

    00:00 – A crime is committed!
    1:46 – Technical difficulties & Testing setup
    3:54 – Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
    5:08 – CS:GO
    6:26 – DOOM (2016)
    8:45 – GTA V
    11:37 – Resident Evil 2 Remake
    12:47 – Closing words

    This APU is a great space saver and offers CPU+GPU capabilities for under $200, but has limited horsepower/VRAM–How would you use the 3400G?

  2. Plays a very very new game literally without a graphics card.

    “Looks bad”

    Bruh you were at 40 FPS. Fuck you mesn unplayable

  3. He says 40-50 fps is not comfortable with those settings, meanwhile here I am, and I used to play LoL in 800×600 with 8fps for 3 damned years!

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