Splinter Cell RETURNS? + DOTA 2’s Pay 2 Win Problem + Deadpool 2 SUCKS…or…Not?

Hosted By: Mica Burton
Written By: Brian Gaar and Eddy Rivas
Edited By: Kdin Jenzen

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43 Comments on “Splinter Cell RETURNS? + DOTA 2’s Pay 2 Win Problem + Deadpool 2 SUCKS…or…Not?”

  1. The sad thing about SC is that it's insanely fun to play. The mechanics feel badass, the combat is fluid, & the MP is amazing. But they fucking disgraced Sam Fisher – if you're going to change the voice, personality, physical appearance, capabilities, & style of a character – *then just make a new fucking character*. You can keep the Splinter Cell title – but give it up. You disgraced the Splinter Cell name by disowning & ruining the name of Sam Fisher by replacing him with this arrogant thug cunt personality. with a young douchebag voice.

    All for the sake of fucking marketing.

    If they REALLY care about Splinter Cell they will bring this back, & they won't fill it with bullshit microtransactions. Ubisoft has not been the greatest developer lately. Season passes, downgrades, MTX…..they already fucked up SC with Blacklist, if the trends follow suit then it'll be the same fucking thing.

  2. You just don't mess with Sam Fisher using microtransactions and gambling. If you did, Ubisoft, your collective asses might be handed back to you in powder form.

  3. Is’t just me? Watching this channel only to see Ashly and Mica! LoooL I don’t care about Games or games news!. Even thought few years earlier I was a hardcore gamer. Ops

  4. I think Guts from Berserk would be a great next addition to Monster Hunter. The Dragonslayer is already a perfect fit for this game world since all swords and weapons are huge. The bombs, throwing daggers, and the Cannon arm would also be a great addition as well.

  5. Dont start stuff with dota, it's not pay to win in any way or aspect. It's literally a replacement for the battle pass with some bells and jingles it does not alter gameplay or give you any more advantage than the other team unless you are a stat nerd that constantly likes to research heroes and builds which you don't need the sub system for anyway.

  6. The update does not make DotA 2 pay to win. Not at all. The update does not change anything, even remotely. If you want the subscription service that's fine, if you don't That's also fine.

  7. Wait, so what are these p2W mechanics in Dota 2? I may not be understanding something, but it just sounds like advancing hero level just unlocks cosmetics? How is that p2W?

  8. Im so sick & tired of seeing & hearing about fortnite.
    I will enjoy watching it live long enough to become the villain & everyone rips it apart…

  9. If Metal Gear Solid V taught me anything it's that you can have separate people doing the voice of your main character and motion capture. Take notes Ubisoft, we want Michael Ironsides back

  10. So, now that Hideo Kojima is no longer making MGS, Splinter Cell will now be top military stealth game. I'm fine with that.

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