Star Horn Royal Club vs OMG | Game 3 Semi Finals S4 Worlds LOL 2014 Playoffs | SHR vs OMG G3

D2G3 Royal Club vs OMG S4 Worlds LOL G3 Semi finals | OMG vs SHRC 2014 Semi-Final Game 3 SHRC vs OMG | S4 Semi Final OMG vs Royal Club G3 #worlds
Next match of the day – Royal Club vs OMG Game 4 VOD:
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S4 Worlds Playoffs (Quarters, Semis and Finals) playlist:
Season 4 League of Legends 2014 World Championship Playoffs – Semi Finals.
Third match of the day – OMG vs Royal Club Semi final Game 3.
SHR vs OMG G3 Full game VOD in HD 720p.

Star Horn Royal Club (China) Line-up:
Cola – Top Maokai
inSec – jungle Fiddlesticks
Corn – Mid Orianna
Uzi – ADC Twitch
Zero – Support Janna

OMG (China)
Gogoing – Top Nidalee
LoveLing – Jungle KhaZix
Cool – Mid Twisted Fate
San – AD Lucian
Cloud – Support Thresh

Patch: 4.14 – season 4
Game date: 12.10.2014 | 10/12/2014 | October 12th 2014
Game place: Seoul, South Korea

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50 Comments on “Star Horn Royal Club vs OMG | Game 3 Semi Finals S4 Worlds LOL 2014 Playoffs | SHR vs OMG G3”

  1. this game was in the bag for OMG, yet they lost coz of the mistakes they did themselves, that was the most obvious throw ever, like they wona lose …. once they took down the 2 inhib at the end they should've just back … that was rly crazy by OMG i cant understand it .. overall amazing series by both teams 

  2. Er, OMG really thought nid and kha (2 champs) could take 2 towers and a nexus before an entire team takes just the nexus? "never go full retard"

  3. Jesus, Cola with that godly recall interrupt. Fiddle was absolutley obliterating their team, good god this was probably the best match in the entire semifinal matchups this year.

  4. That was just so soloqueue-esque…. OMG has no idea when to back out. 2 inhibs down and baron coming up… the game was gift wrapped and they still threw it so hard.

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