45 Comments on “The Smallest Gaming PC with a Core i7”

  1. Really well engineered PC for people looking into SFF cases =)
    Side note: I tried to get rank1 in PlayerUnknown's Battleground when testing this PC but I failed you 2Dfam… Sorry!

  2. For someone who's switching from Console to PC, I have no idea what to do. Do you just get a PC and a monitor and connect the two with a cord? Where do you get that cord from? I'm looking to get the trident and pair it up with an Asus monitor. How do I do that?

  3. Love your videos. I look at all the relevant ones prior to making buying choices. Thanks for what you do, it helps a ton.

  4. interesting you say the asus is very loud, when linus tech tips says the complete opposite and says they're really really quiet

  5. i write in italian you can translate after, io ho creato un pc con itek nemo a meno di 500 euro con a8 7600 8 gb ram e 1050, il case monta un hd 7200 rpm un ssd e un masterizzatore, ovviamente la potenza è minore ma in fullhd va molto bene e anche in benchmark con 3D mark 11 ma soprattutto ho la possibilità di upgradare con pochi euro perchè monta pezzi regolari e non custom oppure se si rompe qualcosa.

  6. i wanna take your opinion about laptop
    (Acer predator 17 or MSI workstation WE62) which one is better
    i am going to use it for modeling & rendering
    @Dave Lee

  7. Hi dave do you think it is good for video editing and also if im going to bring it in my ofc from time to time if i have projects?

  8. ALL CPUs have pretty much the same footprint,why did you feel the need to add i7 in the title? Is it some sort of an achievement?

  9. The worst thing about being no.2 is you feel so close to no.1 and you feel like you failed when you just really close to no.1

  10. Still theres a couple of things I like more from the DELL HP SFF's models, its build to put a monitor on top. Which saves desktop space. And easy acces to the ports, maybe the Milo 07B.

  11. Dave thanks for another great review, I am looking at the Trident 3 Arctic as my everyday desktop due to size and power ratio, but I have noticed on MSI's forums and Amazon that the Trident 3 has had a bunch of issues with powering on. Now this seems to mainly deal with the base model, no mention of a Arctic yet with the higher power supply. Can you let me know if you had any issues with your Arctic or heard of any? Also do you have any experience with MSI? This would be my first MSI computer, thanks.

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