The Story of ''FAKER'' Reaction: The Greatest of All Time! League Of Legends ( LoL )

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The Story of ”FAKER” Reaction: The Greatest of All Time! League Of Legends ( LoL )

#TrailerReaction and Reaction conducted by Kevin & Dave at Hypetrain.

28 Comments on “The Story of ''FAKER'' Reaction: The Greatest of All Time! League Of Legends ( LoL )”

  1. So if your killed like before 10 minutes into the game the death timer is really only 15 seconds of waiting but if its 45+ its around a full minute. Later on the game goes on you really have to be careful where you walk alone because if your the ADC (Person that does the most damage) and you just get assassinated you are out for a minute while they can force a fight when you are dead.

    Also think of MSI as a preview of worlds. Its a bunch of teams from all around the world (The best in their area) to do a tournament.

  2. Hey hypetrain, I love how interested you guys are in professional play, but there is a series that League of Legends made about the everyday player, the 99% of who wont go pro, but it goes through the average players and what the game means to us. I feel like you guys would love to check it out, its full of compelling stories and beautifully edited. its their "Live/Play" series that is 3 parts long. (have subtitles on because its not all english, but its well translated." it goes over to common player, and the not so common. As well as some great behind the scenes in some upcoming teams.

  3. Loving the LoL content, can you guys react to "What is League of Legends?" it'll give you more insight how the respawning, gold and levels work in this game!

  4. I'd recommend you to see The Story of Sjokz, a story of a female icon in a male dominant industry (League of Legends) cause I think it will lead you more into esports as well and I'm sure it will be interesting for you to see!

  5. love to see you react to The story of Bengi. He was the jungler for SKT when they got the 3 world championships and was seen as faker right hand man

  6. You gotta react to the new video by Riot Games – The Longshot | Worlds 2016 Semifinals | SKT vs ROX Tigers. Those games were one of the best series of all time!

  7. well the world championship is in europe right now so there is a very low but still a possibility that you could be mathced with faker in a game XD

  8. If you're gonna do any more of these you need to do The story of Tyler1, it gives a very good look into why the game has such a bad reputation for toxicity, and how one of the most famously toxic people found his redemption.

  9. Please react to "The story of Sjokz." The best host in the League of Legends history. And try not to fall in love with her. 🙂

  10. now you can watch Rise again with this knowledge, to see what happened in 2018 🙂 Although they didn't fight Faker in the finals…

  11. they should just play some league games to understand how the game works. It hurt my ears to hear them talk about how they were perceiving the games.

  12. You requested to be informed how games start, so here it is :

    5 players are placed in a team, on either side of the map (blue or red). Players take turns banning and selecting champions, in an order that allows mind games, counter play and flexibility. You generally want your team to have a balance between different roles – tanks, fighters, assassins, mages, marksmen and support

    You then spawn on the fountain platform, behind your nexus, where everyone is locked in place for the first 15 seconds. Every player starts at level 1, with 500 gold. Starter items will cost 350-500 gold, and potions 50 (the stronger the item, the less potions you can have with it, and vice versa).

    You have 6 item slots, and completed items can cost anywhere between 2200 and 3800 gold, depending on their stats and effects (passive or active, or both). Of course, certain items are better on certain champions, and there are even items which can only be purchased providing you meet the requirements (melee or ranged only, cannot buy 2 pairs of boots, cannot own both a jungle and a support item, etc), and adapting your build to whats in front of you quickly becomes essential. For example, even if you, as a mage, cannot use any of the stats given by Mercurial Scimitar, if there is a Skarner and a Thresh on the enemy team, i guarantee you are building one. You cannot survive a fight without its active effect (instantly clears any crowd control effect from you and boost your movement speed by 50% for 1 second)

  13. Yes Faker is still with Skt since then he did win Msi 2017, had his first defeat at the Worlds Championship Final 2017, Skt slumped through 2018 and the beginning of 2019 had another roster change around Faker again. And now he has won back to back regional titles and is currently at worlds again looking to win.

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