Tiny, Passively-Cooled Gaming PC – Compulab Airtop 2

Small, quiet, powerful – normally you have to pick two – but Compulab thinks they have changed that with the Airtop 2.

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45 Comments on “Tiny, Passively-Cooled Gaming PC – Compulab Airtop 2”

  1. Why is it smoking in the intro promo-clip? I mean, isn't the magic blue smoke something we generally want to avoid releasing?

  2. looks like a hardcore router but i can't think of anyone who would NEED a 100% silent computer other than Anne Frank

  3. this is a feat of innovation and someone saying fuck the price. I want a concept of can be balls to the wall done. This gives me so much hope for portable pc's and Laptops

  4. I think the trifecta is rather not performance, size, and noise, but performance, cost, and temps/noise/size

  5. 10y ago i got the hunch heat pipes were the solution to cooling, for desktops, right in the sweet spot, but didn't have the minimum idea on how to achieve it. But this guys did, as well as the Belgium company, congrats to both teams.

    now make it a laptop!!! & fuck apple.

  6. Me: Nice setup man! Wait… where's your tower?
    Friend: The tower is that.
    Me: Oh, I thought that was your router.

  7. This thing is pretty damn amazing. In fact, this is probably the best low-profile gaming machine you can buy.
    And to be honest the pricing for something this unique it's reasonable. (Although for mass-market we wish for it to be about 1k less)

  8. Wow. They are doing a better job than Apple when it comes to combining design, upgradeability and cooling performance!

  9. Now that is innovation! Room for just about EVERYTHING you need and size to fit just about everywhere. Still a fantastic setup very few actually care to provide. We need more smaller PC's that are 2018 ready. No reason why we can't go smaller, it should be a standard. Those temp numbers are very impressive!

  10. It would be nice to see a fully water cooled pc…cpu, gpu, motherboard, rams, m.2 ssd, hdd and psu. Please build one like that!

  11. Guys, production quality of your videos is great but adding that smoke effect to a passive cooled computer doesn’t deliver the right message

  12. Wow, this is seriously impressive! But you should specify graphics settings, resolution and whether it's the 6GB or 3GB graphics card

  13. This would've been useful for me to bring to class in college. Just plug one of their screens and the kbd and mouse

  14. You guys covered passively cooled gaming PC's, but how about tiny, passively cooled servers? Like an antsle? Would love to see what your .2 cents on that would be.

  15. Definitely worth the price if this technology allows it to quietly do all of this with so many expansion options.

  16. Love the case design. Price is a complete failure for me being able to afford. Wish I could simply buy the case, board, and power supply

  17. Did they delid this CPU and GPU to get these temps passively cooled? It's a complete system and not a case right?
    Dump the smokey layer and add real smoke effects if you want to add them btw; it looked horrid.

  18. Honestly, while I find this to be very cool and I'm digging the design, the price is extremely steep. My Zotac Zbox EN 1070 with similar ram and storage + speakers, external storage, keyboard, mouse, OS, etc. came out to about $1800 USD, which, ordering this off their site is about $800 more for just the computer and OS. Sure, my computer has fans but it's pretty silent and the performance in games is pretty great. If I was in the market for a new PC, while I find this to be super cool, I couldn't justify paying for this.

  19. could the "Inferno" please look just like the GTX 1060 model witout the red parts? You know, cool, modern, serious, and professional? I love performance and innovation, but that doesnt mean that I also want to use RGB lighting and everything gaming, like my computer chair, my headset, keyboard and mouse. At least give us the option. I'm definitely interested in this case (in the future when I'll have enough money to spend on the computer that I want), but I definitely do not want that red thing on it. And yes, believe it or not I am a gamer and just need the performance for games, not for work. What?! A gamer who wants to buy this computer just to game on it, but doesn't want his equipment to look gaming or futuristic?! Yes, my idea of cool and futuristic is very different. Smaller and simpler with great performance, that's cool and futuristic, and I don't even want it to look futuristic, just modern, efficient and professional.

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