Tired of feeding high ground ? | Rtz, Miracle and Paparazi

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45 Comments on “Tired of feeding high ground ? | Rtz, Miracle and Paparazi”

  1. Keep doing these kind of videos, i personally find these concepts much more usefull since they give a tought on the whole game rather than on a specific hero! Nice work man love you

  2. can you do cr1t or gh playing wisp? I'm trying to learn their plays but no replay available 🙁

  3. I love the spicing up of your content, the guides are great, but I think a bit of variation is the best way to go forward 🙂

  4. you should keep these series as they teach stuff way better than guides (aka plain texts) and show us good gameplay examples. learning from clips is an effective technique and you are good at casting them

  5. nah mate, these videos are a great help. I'm struggling to learn midlane and these are absolutely fantastic to help me transition from utility to damage heroes

  6. From the thumbnail I thought you were one of those replay clickbait channels, lucky I read the description

  7. I like both types of videoes, these new ones are refreshing. Keep up the good work bowie! Long time follower here!

  8. I enjoy most of your content equally but I find I'm much more likely to watch your uploads regularly with the current format.

  9. I enjoy this new aspect, really insightful for players who want to improve. I appreciate the hard work!

  10. this one is cool since it gives us a specific view on a certain skill that needs to be developed (or exposed, for people who don't know) i would love for you to continue on making stuff like this mr. bowie. As always, i am grateful!

  11. How about high ground against a sniper with at least 2 peel supports (SD, Pheonix, Omniknight, etc.)?

  12. 8:32 '' miracle playing safe and not goin for dives or anything''
    saying it as miracle exactly going for dives and anything lul

  13. The "Things I learned with" series is cool and all, but it's also quite interesting to see you analyzing certain aspects of a playing Dota through multiple replays, so just do what you want

  14. Like these concepts with examples, I wouldn't mind seeing more of these types of videos illustrating this style of events in dota.

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