Transform your Gaming Setup with Philips Hue Sync | The Tech Chap

Philips Hue sync lets you create immersive lights shows that seamlessly follow the flow of what you’re watching, playing or listening to! Check it out:

This video is made in partnership with Philips Hue

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39 Comments on “Transform your Gaming Setup with Philips Hue Sync | The Tech Chap”

  1. Lol no one hates you Tom. Haters will hate, you're doing a wonderful job! But take all that hate as constructive criticism and try to improve on anything that is trying to pull you down. Much love mate ❤

  2. I don't understand why it's "awesome". I don't want any lights on at all while I'm watching / playing something. Why would I want lights there changing colors?

    I guess other people are a lot more optimistic and open-minded about this type of silly crap than I am.

  3. It's basically the next iteration of the AMBX system from a few years ago, also from Philips. I have that and I love it so I'll definitively check this out.

  4. I have a Phillips TV with ambilight, it's awesome.
    But this has so much delay, there are ppl who build this technology themself with raspberry pies and it has less delay…

  5. The delay is just aweful and even on my mobile screen appears to be insanely distracting in places.

  6. Have had this setup for a month now. But i have complained to Philips about the Hue Sync. For in my case i use Nvidia Surround 5760×1080 and that works great in games, but when i feel to watch a movie only the middle screen is active and Hue Sync then only see my left and right screen as black. So i said to them that they should have a option in the settings for the app to switch between different resolutions, in my case from 5760×1080 to 1920×1080. Hope they will look in to it.

  7. I clicked out of the video and ran away to come down to the comments to tell you how much I love you. Okay, bye.

  8. @The Tech Chap hellu,whats your chair ? is it good and comfortable ? can you give me a link of your chair? ty ^^

  9. Hey there, hope someone can help me, because when I chromecast from my pc the lights aren't delayed but faster than what's happening on screen… So if there is like an explosion the lights turn red just a bit earlier than on screen. When i use hdmi it's a perfect sync though

  10. It's nice but wouldn't work for me as my home cinema is blacked out from curtians wallpaper amp Blu-ray player speaker stands virtually everything dissapears when lights go off except for my screen. Less distraction to the eye for movies even amp and Blu-ray display off unless you press any buttons on the controller

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