Trying the Ultimate Gaming Mouse – Logitech G Pro Wireless!

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23 Comments on “Trying the Ultimate Gaming Mouse – Logitech G Pro Wireless!”

  1. G305 for a month now. The rounded sides kind of make me feel out of control, but it is mu first gaming mouse so I ordered g pro wireless and will have one night before the 305 is out of return window. I’ll probably keep the g pro if it blows me away, other wise probably send back the 305, try the g pro w for 3 weeks and move on to the next, or re order the g305 if I can’t find anything else that seems to fit the bill.

  2. I exclusively use fingertip grip, and have large hands. The gpro wireless is very nice, shape wise (though I would prefer a little more width). The tracking is 2nd to none, but I find flicks a little less accurate than with my ultralight pro.
    I hated the old gpro's shape, despite using it for 2 years. I liked the size and weight, but didn't like the 'shelf' forcing my fingers into a certain position (I use my thumb and pinky fingers to slow the mouse down and do micro-adjustments)

  3. My thoughts on the Gpro wireless didn't get that far with it before i got a hardware bug where it randomly clicks when held down M1 But my thoughts compared to my other mouse i don't have much of a grip and my finger drags on my mousepad even though i have small hands

  4. I've been using Logitech G300s for 5 years and its still great. If it breaks, I'll probably buy it again.

  5. I have the option to buy a GPW for 100-120euros. Lately I read and watched so many videos about the problems that this mouse has: doubleclicking issue, butttons rubbing together, scroll wheel issue. Dunno if Logitech rushed this product out just to be the first or they made some mistakes. …but wanna make sure that I don't make a mistake. Also gonna go back to the store and see what batch no. the product is so I'll definetly be sure of what I'm getting.

    PS: I am a FPS veteran…. I played 16years on shape of MX518(MX500,MX510,MX518) which I still used from time to time when I play competitive QL , QC, CS, DOTA2. I also have MX500, MX510, 2x MX518, G1, G3, G305, G402, G502, G703, G903.

  6. How is the coating on the g pro wireless? I have somewhat sweaty hands and I figured that the G403 (same as g703?) is perfect for me gripping wise.

  7. Used the g pro wireless, after a few weeks experienced some double-click issues…send it back. Some other reviews of the mouse showed the same problems…it’s a good mouse but sorry I don’t expect these problems for 120€…

  8. G Pro wired is actually 50mm wide at the base. It's why people get carpal tunnel and cramps from using it.

  9. I use a wired G403, replaced the cable for a paracord and did some weight reduction by removing the bottom cover and inner magnets. Also added hyperglides. Now I have an amazing mouse that's light (82g) and feels wireless but never runs out of battery. And not even that expensive.

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