Ultimate Value Gaming Build Guide

Welcome to our value gaming build guide! What kind of gaming experience can you expect from a budget build these days?

This video build guide was brought to you by Intel!

System Components List: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/281756-ultimate-value-overclocked-build-guide/

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Host – Linus Sebastian
Camera – Brandon “B Roll” Lee
Editing – Edzel Yago
Benchmarking – Luke Lafreniere


Artist: Approaching Nirvana & BigGiantCircles
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Title: Virtual Is Where We Live
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50 Comments on “Ultimate Value Gaming Build Guide”

  1. So I'm wanting to get into PC gaming but the problem is that I'm having trouble picking out the parts I would need for my build. My budget is 500-700. I'm more specifically want my games to run smoothly. Games like Overwatch, FFXIV, etc.

  2. with the psu, I have my fan down, so it only worries about itself.
    as for my gpu R7 360 (be upgrading to R9 290/290x)
    and cpu/ram fx6300 @ 4.4GHz 8GB @ 1600
    Corsair Spec 03 case

  3. Just throwing it out their i noticed a huge difference in motherboards between 40 and 80 dollars some are way more compatable with your components and have better busses.

  4. i would LOVE to see this revisited in 2017 .. But for real this is how Linus tech tips use to be, making actual useful content

  5. lol I have the same case in this video and one of the feet on the bottom of the case came off and the clips broke off of it where it can't go back in in the first week of owning the case so now my case has 3 feet and it wobbly

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