What’s the deal with Kindred? || Character design & lore discussion

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Kindred are the god(s) of Death on Runeterra, theoretically. But what does “god” even mean in a world like League of Legends? And what sort of Death do these two embody, what does it mean for how we are meant to understand Death? Let’s talk about it!

Kindred’s biography: https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_SG/story/champion/kindred/
‘Forest for the Trees’ color story: https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_SG/story/kindred-color-story/
‘A Good Death’ color story: https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_SG/story/kindred-good-death-story/


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  1. So happy with this Kindred video! Also as a side note, the "dislike" button banter at the end always gets me, makes me smile and hit the like button even faster.

  2. What if there was a story in noxian culture of a man who escaped wolf and survived it dosent haft to be true just a legend to reflect the culture

  3. I love Kindred so much, the splash art, the in game model, the voice acting, even the loading screen music. Kindred came out when I started playing so I might be a little biased, but I just adore everything about the character design.

  4. a running theory I've had for a while is with jhin. What made jhin into the character he is? the theory involves him somehow witnessing kindred and seeing lamb take the life of someone who accepted their death. Leaving jhin obsessed with the beauty in death and driving him insane making him almost like a zealot of the kindred whether he understands their purpose or not.

  5. I don’t know character design but going off your idea about people choosing their fate early would have been better design which let you change between the lamb and the wolf and do things differently depending on if the opposite champ prefers to fight or accept death. Though she was made fro the jungle so maybe not but still have the ability to change between them because she seems like it would work better as a concept.

  6. I think riot take the decision of make lamb more like a human because the game, she has a bow and arrow and she has muscles cuz she hunts (her way), she needs to shot and walk (like ADC), so she was molded to fit with that role. Also she does not have horns and it looks very fluffy for me, but i have friends that think shes a goat :c
    ill like also to be different in the game bc wolf hunt does not look like in the lore, there is no fatality or ferocity in wolf and all the work is done by lamb, and you don't see the dual champion, thats supposed to be the main reason of creation of kindred :c and maybe the secret reason why they do xayah and rakan o:

  7. That you say that Kindred is not there for every single death, is contrary to what they say themselves, isn't it?

    "Wolf chases, what does not willingly go" (Implying that there are only two options: To go peacefully (Lamb) or to go fighting, and get chased down by Wolf).
    "They know we'll come… Yet they are never prepared" (Implying that they are there at the moment of Death, always).
    "Long have we shadowed your deeds. Turn and face us now!" (To Katarina, also implying that they have been there for every kill).

    Of course you can argue that the "Us" is them seeing themselves as more than individuals, but as a Force, and thus they know that Death, as a concept, will be there for everyone and everything, but I am not sure I buy that entirely. I think the difference is in how we see them. You, Skyen, see Kindred as a God (or Gods), whereas I see them as an anthropomorphic being who IS death. They are the literal concept of Death in physical form, and is omnipresent in so far as Death happens, and in very rare cases they can be found elsewhere, too.

  8. If you really think about it, Noxus and Demacia both already visually represent which of the two (Lamb or Wolf) they would take in death. Such as with Noxus, they don't visually have wolves on their attire but how they look fits the concept of the Wolf. For example, Darius and Draven's weapons clearly weren't meant to give quick painless deaths. They were meant to crush the enemies that stand before them, leaving brutal gory messes behind much like how Wolf gives brutal death. Even in their armor, more jagged tones can be seen, the colors are harsher and crimson (the color of blood) is often there in that color scheme.

    Demacia, likewise, has more refined looking weapons. Garen's weapon is beautifully curved in an way that would kill quicker and not leave half as much a mess behind as Darius's axe. Fiora's rapier is elegant, and realistically speaking in the game is used for quickly kill the enemy in her passive.

    In a way, it's clear how each nation would accept the duo. Demacia looks visually more refined much like how Lamb symbolizes a quick refined death, meanwhile Noxus appears harsher visually, with weapons that would seem to prolong the death of their foes and signalize the brutality of war, which Wolf represents in how he hunts down his prey and kills them brutally.

    Does that make sense?

  9. I think it's pretty CANON that Kindred are not 'Death' it's like Marvel's Death, Lady Death is not even 'The Death', there are different versions and like the Black Rings and some other Death presences, they are Aspects of Death like Targon Aspects are of different entities, but they are representations on a different spectrum, 'The Death' I presume is something related to The First Star or The Void, and Kindred are their version in Runeterra, there already are quotes from the God Darius and Garen skins saying quotes to Kindred as a 'fake god'.

  10. I wish kindred wasn't a siege minion with smite, I got halfway to m5 before realising how painful they were to play compared to other junglers

  11. I think the point of kindred is the clash of two ideologies of death: 1. The acceptance as death as an uninvitable fate for all living beings, that belongs to life and ends it. 2. Death as a terror of life, mortal coil, the unavoidble that you want to escape at all kost.

  12. I think it'd be really cool if Riot did an event for Kindred during the Day of the Dead celebration and gave people skins that were inspired by their thoughts on death and being hunted by the Kindred.
    Because right now Kindred is stated to influence every region differently and that there are celebrations and different thoughts of how death should be handled but we don't get to see as much as they tell us is there.
    And yes I know that the Day of the Dead is more about the people who have already died but I thought it would be a neat time to do such an event.

    Example: J4 could have a skin where he's dressed in white but he has a wolf mask to mirror that he wants people to think he's okay with death and taking the Lamb but in reality he feels like he still has more to accomplish so he runs from death and Wolf.

  13. Hey TB would you be interested in looking over the designs of godking garen and good killer Darius
    The Darius skin has a lot of wolf imagery and thought it'd be a good point to connect to kindred
    Any way love your videos!

  14. i think its worth mentioning that it does say they are interpreted differently around the world, perhaps the wolf and lamb do have aspects of their appearance in everything, but because they appear different to other people, its not obvious to us, who only see the wolf and lamb interpretation, after all, nothing says every time they are wolf and lamb. in fact, we have no proof that the flags for noxus and demacia arent based on their interpretation of kindred. in game voice lines even say that lamb doesnt know how she is seen by others, so you cant just discredit kindreds design because people arent wearing symbols of the wolf or lamb.

  15. This is really cool, I really like this video. Interestingly enough, your point about iconography might be addressed in the new skins for Garen and Darius (well probably just Darius). His new skin, God King Darius, incorporates a wolf onto his axe/scythe. All his animations interact with this spectral wolf that comes with him. Its interesting to think about now that you mention what Kindred should mean to Noxus.

  16. I don't even really play LoL all that much or know any of the lore but I really love these videos. Keep up the great work.

  17. Kindred is supposed to be the god of death , i think the new darius skin said something about them being one of the fake gods that need to be killed or something

  18. wolf is able to feel the desperation to live and FEAR of death, but is unable to understand it.

    lamb understands the desperation to live and fear of death, but does not feel it.

    wolf is aggressive, lamb is soft.

    wolf asks how long can he enjoy this,
    lamb answers, until there is only kindred.

    only wolf, and lamb.

    then wolf asks, when that moment comes, will you escape from me?

    suggesting how greedy and aggressive the wolf is, at its heart.

    that would even go for lamb, however, if she was the last one.

    kindred are/is the deity of death.

    the concept is different that of other religions.

    i would suggest comparing it with shinto gods.

  19. As their lore implies they are the "essence" of death more than just a "god" of death they are the pure essence and embodiement of death. EVERY Mortal must choose the face of kindred, meaning that every mortal in runterra does in fact meet Kindred when they die and it is kindred that takes them. As we see in the story with Magi they can be everywhere as everyone in the crowd was a Kindred as she died.

  20. Pretty sure all the eyes Pyke saw while in the maw of the fish that ate him were all the dead souls inside it’s body. The eyes of the souls just representing that kindred is present. Also Illaoi’s god saved Pyke from Kindred.

  21. So fun fact. Seem like Olaf and his tribal man really hated Lamb and prefer Wolf over her.

    Easy and peaceful dead = boring and worst life and lack of glory.

  22. In regards to kindred's influence on design details on other champions, I think it's justifiable for soldiers, generals and assassins to not carry design aspects of a death reaper while they are on duty, in fact the only type of person who would carry these design influences are the fanatics and psychopaths who pray to kindred as a deity and use them as their reasoning to kill, I would think. Currently I've seen religious, national design influences on these character archetypes, but I haven't seen any designs of a death reaper or death itself, unless it's to show that they are the kind of character that will be a death reaper themselves. Plus, putting on emblems of the entity of death to war seems like a jinx, but that's just my 2 cents.

  23. I love this breakdown, but you took that they were the representation of death too literal. When they mention this in the lore, it is in reference to the nature of death, not the appearance of the character.

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