Why does this exist… Vive Pro Review

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Is the Vive Pro the next amazing step forward in consumer VR? Unfortunately we think not…

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47 Comments on “Why does this exist… Vive Pro Review”

  1. No headphone jack. Lol… Why would anyone do this. The old give let you use whatever high quality headphones you wanted.

  2. hmm idk if youll see this but im looking at getting a VR head set that is good but pretty inexpensive but yeah i cant find do you have any recommendations

  3. Wow that was a surprise. Well I guess I'm glad I own the Oculus Rift with the Touch Controllers then.

  4. Doesn't Valve seem to half ass everything these days? Even the Steam VR store looks so cheap compared to the Oculus Store..not to mention the Vive exclusives seem so cheap compared to the Oculus exclusives…Wait, does the Vive even have any exclusives??? Oh I think just Fallout…not good enough for the price of this thing…Jesus Christ.

  5. I bought the original Vive and never intended to replace it with a Pro. Much like smartphones these days, there has to be a much more substantial evolution in the product or I will skip generations. Especially at these price points. While the Vive/Pro may be superior to Rift, Oculus is clearly concentrating on making a lighter, more consumer-friendly product so I may just switch in that direction. Microsoft's stuff is interesting too and will likely be much more competitive in its second generation.

  6. Thank you very much linus . I will save my $800……… no wait $1,000 until something better from HtC is Affordable for the poor man thanks for letting me save my money #htcwoes

  7. I like the idea of playing games in VR, but I can wait 5-8 years to get a set when the market is a lot more mature and has a lot better offerings for the price. For now 34" 1440p @ 100hz ultrawide gaming is more than fine with me 🙂

  8. Unfortunately VR games just aren't worth me springing for a headset yet. By the time there actually are enough good titles for VR, there would be new model headsets anyway.

  9. As an owner of the Vive Pro for the past few weeks…. I agree with this review completely! Sad to say. 🙁

  10. I was like "wow bluetooth in ears that Linus recommends bet they aren't just one of those new half a fortune ones"….. welp so much for my dreams :c

  11. Ok so for people who dont do shit all day besides sit at a desk in front of a computer and eat microwave popcorn for lunch and make 30k a year…this HTC Vive Pro may not be for you, because ..most likely…your fat ass NEEDS to jump around in your living room at the end of a long 7hr day to keep from having a stroke….but for the rest of us that actually work for a living and make upwards of 60k a year like myself working 10 hour days…all i wana do is come home and sit my tight, trim, ladder climbing ass, on my plush leather couch and just look up,down,side to side in hi def 3D and play my games on a x-pad so this HTC Pro would be for me…but its fucking 800$….ugh…oh well…i guess just put it on the cc

  12. I'm playing Skyrim VR with mods and it's quite beautiful in the Vive Pro. I see details I never saw with the standard Vive. I got over $100 credit and a free year subscription on Viveport when I put in the SN of my old Vive. I sold the old one with the deluxe audio strap for $250. That makes it about a $400 upgrade which was totally worth it for me.

  13. I will continue to use my vanilla Vive. Thanks for the review you saved me some cash. Love you broseph <3

  14. Upgraded to the Pro this weekend, and absolutely loving it. The resolution improvement alone makes VR fun again, but the fact it's more comfortable and easier to get on and off is what'll have me firing the Vive up more often now. Only complaint is the headphones, they are tinny and cheap. But overall, if you can afford it, I'd recommend the upgrade.

  15. zzz so you pay a thousand bux for something you cant use unless you have previous generation hardware ? what a joke, no i will not pay extra for sensors that are needed to use the product. htc was always a doghit company and guess what, nothing changed .. .there still dogshit

  16. You have officially lost me. You're mad that the Vive Pro doesn't automatically come with the peripherals? So if you're upgrading, you'd rather the package cost a couple hundred dollars more and come with things you already have?

    Maybe I'd feel the same way if I was absurdly rich or got tech for free, but I really don't think you're thinking about this from a consumer's standpoint.

    Also, I tried out the Pro recently and it is ridiculously better. I don't know if you were in a bad mood for this one, but you missed the mark and I'm seriously questioning everything you put out now.

  17. looks way to bulky. lol

    Boy they want to rob us for every dollar they can grab 😛

    looks like a giant vice grip on top your head lol.

  18. Well , here iam thinking i dont need vr , now i want one , need one , btw , is the acer/windows mr headset good enough for beat saber ?

  19. You need a more powerful graphic card to enjoy the new screen. Also, apparently it is lighter than the old Vive (i didn't check)

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